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Professor Julien Chaisse Quoted in The Strait Times on the concerns that Taiwan may lose its silicon shield if it keeps building semiconductor plants outside of Taiwan


Professor Julien Chaisse, an associate member of CCCL, explains that ca company like TSMC is effectively expanding in US but also in other countries. TSMC has begun construction of a mega-factory in Arizona, in the western United States, and recently announced the upcoming construction of the first-ever semiconductor fab in Japan in cooperation with Japanese giant Sony. Taiwan will not lose its silicon shield if it keeps building these fabs outside of Taiwan; on the contrary, this will reinforce its leadership and TSMC market shares and profitability.
Read the full article here: Yip Wai Yee, Is Taiwan losing its ‘silicon shield’? TSMC engineers relocate to US, sparking brain drain fears, The Strait Times, December 15, 2022 < >