Research Projects

The projects listed for the year 2017-18 and before were funded to faculty members under the former Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects - 2017-18

Project Title Investigator(s)
1 Microengineered Ratchet Patterns in Nanowire Magnetoscope for Directing Rotational Bias and Programmed Cell Live/Death Dr. CHEN, Ting Hsuan
2 Cooperative Transport of Suspended Loads with Aerial Robots via Intelligent Inertia Sensing Dr. CHIRARATTANANON, Pakpong
3 Distributed cooperative control of networked multiple dynamic systems with time delays and its application Prof. FENG, Gang
4 Fundamental Investigation on High Entropy Alloy Deformation Mechanisms Dr. HU Alice
5 An microfluidic cell isolation and biosening platform for cytokine profiling of individual immune cell types Dr. LAM Raymond Hiu-wai
6 An Opto-microfluidics Platform for High-throughput Single-Cell Death Recognition and Drug Testing Prof. LI Wen-Jung
7 Distributed Control for Cooperative Output Regulation of Nonlinear Systems and Its Application in Mobile Robots Coordination Dr. LIU Lu
8 Unstructured T-splines with global higher order continuity for isogeometric analysis - foundation theory and algorithms Dr. MA Weiyin
9 Micro rotatable robotic system for low invasive cell injection Dr. SHEN Yajing
10 A Bio-hybrid System Based on Engineered Cardiac Micro-tissues and Its application in Self-sustaining Bioelectronic Devices Dr. SHI Peng
11 Robotic Cell Injection Surgery System for the Safe and Specific Genetic Modification in Single Cells Prof. SUN Dong
12 Computational roles of inhibitory interneurons in a cerebellum spiking neural model of adaptive vestibulo-ocular-optokinetic reflex Dr. TIN Chung
Dr. LAI King Wai Chiu
13 Quantitative photoacoustic imaging of blood oxygen saturation in deep tissue Dr. WANG Lidai
14 Rectifying directional liquid transport for the thermal diode application using the bio-inspired approach Dr. WANG Zuankai
15 Facilitating hydrodynamic lubrication of zero-entrainment-velocity contacts in retainerless ball bearings based on boundary slip Dr. WONG Patrick Pat-lam
16 Optimizing Mechanical Properties of Metallic Glasses by Tuning Fast and Slow Secondary Relaxations Dr. YANG Yong

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