Research Projects

The projects listed for the year 2017-18 and before were funded to faculty members under the former Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects - 2014-15

Project Title Principal Investigator
1 Cooperative control of heterogeneous networked dynamic systems with application in coordination of networked mobile robots Prof. Feng, Gang
2 A Robotic Nano-Patterning System for Localized Functionalization of Carbon based Biosensors Dr. Lai, King Wai Chiu
3 Vascular Endothelial Cell Layers in Microfluidics for Metastatic Extravasation Study Dr. Lam, Raymond Hiu-wai
4 Lattice distortion and solid-solution hardening of multi-component alloys with equiatomic compositions Prof. Liu, Chain-Tsuan
5 Non-Uniformly Sampled Coordinated Control of Multi-Agent Systems and Its Applications Dr. Liu, Lu
6 Nanomechanics of Ultrathin Metallic Nanowires and Their Scalable Assembly Dr. Lu, Yang
7 Investigating optically-induced hydrodynamic instability for fabricating cancer cell capture and release platforms Dr. Mai, John Dzung Hoang
8 High-flexible nanorobot platform for pollen tube local mechanical characterization from full orientation Dr. Shen, Yajing
9 High-throughput mapping of brain-wide activities in live and drug-responsive vertebrates Dr. Shi, Peng
10 Sensing, Modeling and Control of Cell Migration in Chemoattractant Environment Using a Robot-aided Cell Manipulation System Equipped with Optical Tweezers Prof. Sun, Dong
11 Counterintuitive pancake bouncing phenomenon on superhydrophobic surfaces: from fundamental understanding to anti-icing application Dr. Wang, Zuankai
12 Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis for Quarter-Space Problems Dr. Wong, Patrick Pat-lam
13 Structural Relaxation in Metallic Glass and Metallic-Glass Matrix Composite: From Macro- to Nano-Scale Dr. Yang, Yong
14 Measurement of single cell mass based on transient motion by dynamic dielectrophoretic field Dr. Zhang, Guanglie
15 Experimental and Analytical Studies on Nanofluids Vertical Tube Bundle Pool Boiling Dr. Zhou, Wenzhong

List of funded National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) projects 2014

NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme
Project Title Principal Investigator
Design and Optimizing Laser-Based 3D Printing of Metallic Glass: A Systematic Study of the Joining and Crystallization Mechanisms of Amorphous Structures under Laser Irradiation Dr. Yang, Yong
Programmable and Integrated Fabrication of Nano-material Devices by Optically - Induced Force Field Prof. Li, Wenjung
Project Title Principal Investigator
輕質高韌牙科納米複合材料的製備和界面力學行為研究 Dr. Niu, Xinrui
超疏水錶面的餅狀液滴彈跳的現象、機理以及應用 Dr. Wang, Zuankai
面向單細胞超微尺度力學特性表徵的微納操作與測量研究 Dr. Shen, Yajing

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