Research Projects

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects - 2020-21

Principal Investigator Project Title
1 Dr HU Alice Sparks when quantum computing meet ab initio calculation
2 Prof KAI Ji-jung Irradiation resistance and microstructural stability of high-entropy alloys reinforced by coherent multicomponent nanoparticles
3 Prof LI You-fu Gaze Tracking and its Integration with Human-Robot Cooperation
4 Prof LI Wen-Jung A Microfluidic Pervaporation Device for Fabrication of Nanoparticle-based Metalens for Dry Environment Super-resolution
5 Dr LIU Jun A New Augmented Reality Assisted Image Guidance System for Cardiac Interventions
6 Dr NIU Xinrui Finite element analysis guided and experiment assisted design of a physical interphase for enhancing separation resistance of hydrogel-elastomer hybrid
7 Prof PAN Chin High performance microchannel heat sink with hybrid micro/nano structured mesh
8 Prof WANG Zuankai Developing transistor-like water energy generator with high peak power density and high durability
9 Dr ZHANG Kaili Fabrication, Energetic and Combustion Properties of Energetic Microchip Based on In Situ Synthesized Energetic Coordination Polymer and Aluminum
10 Dr ZHAO Jiyun Controlling nucleate boiling heat transfer performance on micro/nano textured surfaces using surfactants and electric field

Last modified on 3 July, 2020