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NOV 2021 - Prof. Youfu LI has been elected as the Fellow of IEEE

Congratulations to Prof. Youfu LI on being elected as the Fellow of IEEE in recognition of his outstanding contributions to active visual sensing using structured light pattern projection. The nomination of the award is rigorous with less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation.

Prof Li works on robot vision and visual sensing. In this area, he has three USA patents granted in the last few years. He was on the Top 2% of the world’s most highly cited scientists, 2020.

SEP 2021 - Department of Mechanical Engineering

The enclosed ventilation system, developed by Dr. Steven WANG, can be placed on hospital beds to protect healthcare workers by effectively blocking and filtering viruses. It has a pipe frame made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with extraction ports. The system is equipped with a transparent PVC hood and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.Dr Wang’s research team will join HK Tech 300, CityU’s flagship innovation and entrepreneurship programme, to help transfer the technology into product and to promote its application in Hong Kong and beyond.
Other members of Dr Wang’s research team are Deng Wei and Wang Hongbo, PhD students of MNE. Faculty members at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London helped conduct numerical simulations for Dr Wang’s system. With the assistance of Professor Michael G Irwin, Daniel C K Yu, Professor in Anaesthesiology from the Department of Anaesthesiology at the University of Hong Kong, the system is being tested in Gleneagles.

CityU’s new fast-track ventilation system can thoroughly filter Covid-19 (CityU)
城大研快速通風系統 高效過濾新冠病毒 (Headline)
新冠肺炎|城大研快速搭建過濾病毒裝置 每小時換氣26次勝負壓房 (HK01)
新冠肺炎|城大研快速過濾新冠病毒通風系統 每小時可換氣26次 (Mingpao)
城大研究團隊研發通風系統 過濾病床範圍新冠病毒 (Now)
城大研快速通風系統 過濾病床新冠病毒 減醫護感染 (
城大研快速通風系統 能短時間內過濾經氣流擴散新冠病毒 (TVB)

SEP 2021 - 31st International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2021

Prof. LU Yang was invited to deliver a Conference Opening Plenary talk as one of the two Opening Plenary Keynote Speakers (together with Prof. Yury Gogotsi), at the "31st International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2021" held from 6 – 9 September 2021.

SEP 2021 - Grants from the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR

Dr. YANG Zhengbao has received two project grants from the Innovation and Technology Commission of HKSAR for developing self-powered and wireless autonomous sensors for vehicles. The two ITF projects are titled “Energy Harvesting and Wireless Torque Sensor System for Vehicles” and “Multi-sensing Smart Tire System for the Self-driving Technology”.
The current automotive industry is experiencing game-changing trends with the explosion of new technologies such as self-driving, electric cars, and the Internet of Things. Supported by these two projects, Dr. YANG and his research team will fabricate new piezoelectric materials, explore new energy conversion methods, optimize wireless power transfer and wireless communication techniques, and develop low-power circuits for the next-generator automotive sensor systems.

Smart Transducers and Vibration Laboratory, CityU

SEP 2021 - The first tranche Global Stem Professorship from UGC

The Department is pleased to share with you the great news that both Prof. Takashi HIBIKI has been awarded the first tranche Global Stem Professorship from the UGC. The scheme will provide substantial support for the salary of the awardee, establishment of research lab and research team. Congratulations to Prof. HIBIKI.

JUL 2021 – Dr. XU Wanghuai received the 2021 Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student Award (Silver)

Dr. Xu, a recent PhD graduate, received the award for his pioneering research on the development of a novel droplet-based electricity generator for advancing scientific research into water energy generation. Prof. WANG Zuankai, Dr. Xu’s supervisor, said that Dr. Xu has made remarkable achievements by translating his training, especially in multidisciplinary research, to address energy challenges facing us.
He is the only recipient from Hong Kong as the other nine winners come from top 10 universities in US. In fact, only three researchers from Hong Kong have received this award since its inception in 2001.Through the research, titled “Fusion of Slippery Interfaces and Transistor-Inspired Architecture for Water Kinetic Energy Harvesting”, he has made breakthroughs in the design and development of the interface and architectural design of power generation devices. His work has enabled highly efficient harvesting of kinetic energy from water under a range of work conditions.

CityU researcher wins distinguished materials science award

JUN 2021 – Outstanding Award of ASM Technology Award 2021

BEngM.E. student LO Wai Kin received the Outstanding Award of ASM Technology Award 2021 (Cash Award of HK$5,000) with the project titled “Study of L-shaped liquid rope formed in water”. This project, supervised by Dr. WANG Steven, exams how a highly unexpected fluid phenomenon can be used for liquid-liquid 3D printing and surface patterning. It is a cornerstone to investigate the new phenomenon which called “L-shaped rope effect” as there is no previous research about this phenomenon.

MAY 2021 - Department of Mechanical Engineering

A novel bamboo-processing technique called “super bamboo”, developed by Prof LU Yang's research team won the Gold Medal Award at the virtual Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days 2021. The technique includes both mechanical and chemical treatments for densifying natural bamboo without destroying the key internal microstructures that are critical for superior mechanical performance. Prof LU was invited to attend the ceremony “Hong Kong Winners 2021” officiated by the Chief Executive of HKSAR on 17 May to celebrate the outstanding research achievements of Hong Kong.

APR 2021 - Dr. XU Wanghuai received the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award 2021/22

This fellowship provides a stipend for a three years full-time appointment and also allowances for conference and research-related activities. Dr. XU and Prof. WANG will work on the project titled “Slippery bulk-effect electricity generator for water kinetic energy harvesting: from fundamental understanding to practical applications”.

MAR 2021 - Department of Mechanical Engineering

The work by Prof WANG Zuankai's research team on droplet-based electricity generator received the bronze prize of the Hong Kong Best Science News Reporting 2020 organised by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong. The research work was also selected as the Top 10 Hong Kong Innovation and Technology News.

MAR 2021 - Department of Mechanical Engineering

The paper entitled “Fluids - An Inspirational Bounce”, published by Prof WANG Zuankai's research group, was selected by Nature Physics' editors as one of the favourite papers over the 15 years' publication of Nature Physics.

FEB 2021 - Announcement for Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards 2020 (CWISA)

A MNE student team ( 2 PhD students LING Chen & YAO Xiaoxue and BEngM.E student WONG Yat Hei) has won two awards: 1) The Gold Award and 2) The Merit Award – The Best Engineering Solution Award in Chun Wo Innovation Student Awards 2020 (CWISA). This year, more than 70 teams from different universities participated in this innovation competition.

This project “The Fog-based Self-powered System (FSS)” co-supervised by Dr. Steven WANG and Prof. WANG Zuankai is inspired to utilize the abundant and free fog resources in Hong Kong to supply power charging for IOT devices or smart illumination in harsh & remote locations and at the same time provide freshwater for agricultural irrigation and domestic use.

The team will receive a cash prize of HK$106,000 and be invited to participate in a round-campus exhibition between May – Sept 2021. In addition to the cash award, Chun Wo will assist the team to execute their business idea through providing resources or investments.

JAN 2021 - Prof. WANG Zuankai was awarded with RGC fund of HK$4,800,000

Prof. WANG Zuankai was awarded with RGC fund of HK$4,800,000 for his Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) project entitled “ A universal solid/liquid based framework for efficient water energy harvesting”.

JAN 2021 - Albacastor Technology Limited won the Community Engagement Award in the Blue Innovation Challenge 2020

Albacastor Technology Limited, a start-up under the Student Early Entrepreneurship Development Scheme of CityU and founded by three 2018 graduates of the Department, CHAN Tsz Lung Hugo, CHEUNG Wing Hong Peter and LAM Wah Shing Henry, won the Community Engagement Award in the Blue Innovation Challenge 2020. The start-up was co-funded by CityU and the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. The goal is to build an intelligent, high-efficient, and safe healthcare environment by developing automated robots.

1 JAN 2021- Dr. LU Yang, Dr. HU Alice and their team published a paper in Science

Dr. LU Yang, Dr. HU Alice and their team published a paper titled "Achieving large uniform tensile elasticity in microfabricated diamond" in Science. This is another remarkable paper of Dr. LU Yang and his team regarding the properties of diamond in micro/nano scale.

Breakthrough research heralds a new diamond age
Achieving large uniform tensile elasticity in microfabricated diamond

22 DEC 2020 - PhD Graduate CAO Ke (now Assoicate Professor at Xidian University) won the 2020 中國新銳科技人物突出成就獎

PhD Graduate CAO Ke (now Assoicate Professor at Xidian University) won the 2020 中國新銳科技人物突出成就獎 on his outstanding research achievements on graphene mechanics.

Graphene’s ultimate stretchability and ‘realistic’ strength discovered

5 DEC 2020 - MNE 2018 PhD Graduate Dr. LI Jing receievd the HKIS - Towngas 2019 Hong Kong Young Scientist Award

Dr. LI Jing, a recent PhD graduate under the supervision of Prof. WANG Zuankai from Department of Mechanical Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong, received the Hong Kong Young Scientist Award at the 27th Annual Conference of the Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS).

This prestigious award was established to reward young scientists in Hong Kong who exhibit great promise in their field of study. The award is open to all postgraduate research students who are pursuing M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree in any of the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, as well as those who have graduated recently (within 2 years of graduation). Each year, HKIS will confer three winners, which are in the fields of Physical/Mathematical Science, Life Science and Engineering Science, respectively. Dr. LI Jing is the winner in the field of Engineering Science this year.  Each award winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000 and a certificate of recognition. Currently, Dr. LI Jing is a postdoctoral fellow in the University of Pennsylvania.

The HKIS - Towngas 2019 Hong Kong Young Scientist Award

NOV 2020 - China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huantek Technology Co., Ltd. and City University of Hong Kong signed the research agreement on setting up the Nuclear Research Center in Guangdong Province

China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huantek Technology Co., Ltd. and City University of Hong Kong signed the research agreement on setting up the Nuclear Research Center in Guangdong Province. The center aims at development of advanced nuclear energy systems with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR).

11 NOV 2020 - Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Doctoral Research Award 2020

PhD graduate Dr. XU Wanghuai received Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Doctoral Research Award 2020. His thesis "High-performance Droplet-based Electricity Generator" supervised by Prof. WANG Zuankai focused on the research to harvest water kinetic energy with high electric output and high durability.

Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies Outstanding Doctoral Research Award

25 SEP 2020 - Prof. WANG Zuankai is awarded the XPLORE PRIZE for RMB 3,000,000 (600,000 a year) for 5 years period

Prof. WANG Zuankai is awarded the XPLORE PRIZE for RMB 3,000,000 (600,000 a year) for 5 years.
There are 50 awardees selected from about 1200 applicants and there are only three awardees from Hong Kong. Prof. WANG Zuankai is the sole awardee from CityU.


17 SEP 2020 - Research on "White graphene: high defect tolerance and elasticity unveiled by CityU nanomechanics experts”

Over the past three years, the research team led by Dr. LU Yang, Associate Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MNE) at CityU worked tirelessly with another team from Tsinghua University to develop the world’s very first quantitative in-situ tensile testing technique for free-standing 2D materials. The related research about nanomechanics of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) has been published by Cell Reports Physical Science.

White graphene: high defect tolerance and elasticity unveiled by CityU nanomechanics experts
探索二維物料再下一城 首次展示「白色石墨烯」的高彈性和抗缺陷能力
Large Elastic Deformation and Defect Tolerance of Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayers [Cell Reports Physical Science]

Outside reports:
White graphene: high defect tolerance and elasticity unveiled by nanomechanics experts
White graphene: high defect tolerance and elasticity unveiled by CityU nanomechanics experts

15 OCT 2020 - Research on "Saving lives through early detection of gastric cancer cells"

Led by  Prof. LI Wen Jung  of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives - recently updated to Resources Planning), with collaborators from the Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and First Hospital of China Medical University (FHCMU), the research has recently been published in Science Advances.
The focus of the research aims "to reduce the number of deaths due to gastric cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer deaths worldwide,” said Prof. LI, a co-contact author on the publication titled “Detection and isolation of free cancer cells from ascites and peritoneal lavages using optically induced electrokinetics (OEK)”.

Saving lives through early detection of gastric cancer cells

17 AUG 2020 - Dr. LU Yang's work on high-entropy alloy (HEA) catalyst published in Nature Communications

In collaboration with PolyU, Dr. LU Yang and his PhD student FENG Xiaobin (co-first author) published their new research about using surface restructured FeCoCrNi high-entropy alloy (HEA) as catalyst for high-performance water electrolysis in journal "Nature Communications".

Selected press coverage:
(19 Aug 2020) 柴扬&陆洋Nature子刊:高价金属位促进水氧化的晶格氧活化[WEMP]
(16 Aug 2020) 陆洋副教授课题组Nature子刊:高价金属位促进水氧化的晶格氧活化[科学材料站]
(14 Aug 2020) Nature Communications:高价金属位激活晶格氧以促进水氧化[纳米人]
(13 Aug 2020) Lattice oxygen activation enabled by high-valence metal sites for enhanced water oxidation[Nature Communications]

5 AUG 2020 - Poster Award in Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2019/2020

To enhance the learning experience of CityU students, Dr. LUK B. L. in collaboration with three CIO colleagues including Dr. WONG Crusher, Ms. LU Angel and Ms. LAM Kayla, has developed a set of tailor-made Flipped Learning materials on Wind Energy for GE Course 2301 - Science and Technology: From Past to Future.
Students of GE2301 were required to take a virtual reality (VR) field trip to LAMMA WINDS, the first commercial-scale wind turbine in Tai Ling built by HK Electric, to better understand how electricity can be produced from wind energy. This flipped classroom activity facilitated the understanding of the complex mechanism of the wind turbine drive train for electricity generation.
The production recently won a Poster Award in Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo 2019/2020.

This flipped classroom approach was adopted in a Gateway Education course of Science & Technology from the support of cross-university UGC project fund. It is the first VR course to reveal the internal structure of the 46-meter Electric Wind Turbine in Hong Kong. Our IT officer had to undergo a full-day training to pass the Construction Industry Safety Training Test before shooting any aerial footage with the drone and capturing 360∘photos. Only green safety card holders were permitted to enter the structure as it was considered a dangerous construction site.

VR Tour: Flipped Learning: Virtual Reality for Gateway Education Course
View: CUHK Expo 2019/20: Poster
View: CUHK Expo 2019/20: Video

14 JUL 2020 - The appointment of Prof. PAN Chin as CLP Power Chair Professor in Nuclear Engineering

The University has appointed Prof. PAN Chin to the CLP Power Chair Professorship in Nuclear Engineering with effect from July 1 2020 in recognition of his commitment to excellence in research and professional education of nuclear engineering to the university and society.

10 JUL 2020 - Dr. LU Yang received the RGC Research Fellow Scheme Award

Dr. LU Yang received the Research Fellowship grant of HK$5,155,380 for a 5-year fellowship period from RGC.

RGC's Research Fellow Scheme (RFS) and Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS) on a regular yearly basis provide sustained support to exceptionally outstanding academics in UGC-funded universities to facilitate their research efforts and promote research excellence. Every year, RFS and SRFS will each provide research funding support to 10 awardees for a period of 60 months for teaching and administrative duty relief.

8 JUL 2020 - Dr. WANG Steven received an ITC grant for the prevention and control of COVID-19

Dr. WANG Steven has received a grant of HK$1,975,320 for the project "A fast-track vented enclosure for COVID-19 patients in hospitals" under the Public Sector Trial Scheme for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Hong Kong from ITC of HKSAR.

Public Sector Trial Scheme – ITF Projects aims to provide funding support for production of prototypes/samples and/or conducting of trials in the public sector to facilitate and promote the realisation and commercialisation of research and development (R&D) results under ITF projects.

JUN 2020 - College of Engineering - E-Bulletin

Mr. CHUI Mang Yin under the supervision of Dr. WONG Janet of the Imperial College London has contributed to a paper as the second author during his overseas internship at Imperial College.

Paper title: Interactions between organic friction modifier additives
Authors: Benjamin M. Fry, CHUI Mang Yin, Gareth Moody, Janet S. S. Wong
Journal: Tribology International

APR 2020 - College of Engineering - E-Bulletin

We are pleased to receive the notice from Research Grants Council (RGC) for the offer of the RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Award to Dr. ZHANG Shiwei.

This fellowship provides a stipend for a three years full-time appointment and also allowances for conference and research-related activities. Dr. ZHANG and his Project Investigator, Prof. PAN Chin, will work on developing rationally engineered surfaces with hybrid micromeshes to achieve unprecedented boiling capacity.
This project may enable more efficient phase-change heat transfer for various energy systems and thermal management of high-power electronics.

Congratulations to Dr. ZHANG and Prof. PAN.

FEB 2020 - Graphene’s ultimate stretchability and ‘realistic’ strength discovered [CityU NewsCentre]

NC paper Yang LU
We are pleased to share that Dr. LU Yang's work on graphene mechanics was recently published in Nature Communications.

Dr. LU Yang and his team has demonstrated ultimate stretchability and ‘realistic’ strength of free-standing monolater graphene. The study will promote the engineering applications of graphene in various areas such as ultrastrong composites and flexible electronics. This paper was highlighted in “Editors' Choice” in the 21 February 2020 issue of Science.

Selected press coverage:
(11 Mar 2020) Graphene's ultimate stretchability and 'realistic' strength discovered[Nanowerk]
(9 Mar 2020) 城大首展石墨烯「真實」強度[Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(9 Mar 2020) 城大測出石墨烯「真實」強度[Wen Wei Po]
(8 Mar 2020) 城大新方法測出石墨稀抗拉強度極限 全球首次發現[]
(21 Feb 2020) Editors' Choice[Science]
(7 Feb 2020) 中国研究人员在单层石墨烯力学性质研究中取得进展 [新华网]
(7 Feb 2020) 香港城大聯合清華研究單層石墨烯力學性質取得關鍵進展 [文匯報]
(15 Jan 2020) Elastic straining of free-standing monolayer graphene[Nature Communications]

FEB 2020 – CityU new droplet-based electricity generator: A drop of water lights up 100 small LED bulbs [CityU NewsCentre]

CityU new droplet-based electricity generator

A research team led by scientists from City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has recently developed a new form of droplet-based electricity generator (DEG).

It features a field-effect transistor (FET)-like structure that allows for high energy-conversion efficiency, and its instantaneous power density is increased by thousands of times compared to its counterparts without FET-like structure.

This groundbreaking achievement can help to advance scientific research into water energy generation and tackle the energy crisis.

The research was led by Prof. WANG Zuankai from CityU's Department of Mechanical Engineering; Prof. ZENG Xiaocheng from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US; and Prof. WANG Zhonglin, Founding Director and Chief Scientist at the Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Their findings were published in the latest issue of the highly prestigious scientific journal Nature under the title “A droplet-based electricity generator with high instantaneous power density”. (Read more)

Selected press coverage:
(7 Feb 2020) 城大研新發電機 一滴水亮百盞燈 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(7 Feb 2020) 城大新發電機 一滴水點亮百盞燈 [Wen Wei Po]
(7 Feb 2020) 城大研發電 1滴水燃亮百LED [Lion Rock Daily]
(7 Feb 2020) 城大研水滴發電機 一滴點亮百燈 [Oriental Daily]
(7 Feb 2020) 城大研發新水滴發電機 功率增數千倍 [Sing Tao Daily]
(7 Feb 2020) Power players get drop on field [The Standard]
(6 Feb 2020) 最新Nature: 基于液滴的高效发电器件 [材料牛]
(6 Feb 2020) Nature :试试用“一滴水”点亮100盏灯 [WEMP]

16th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest

NOV 2019

MNE PhD graduate Dr. YANG Shaoran and BEng Mechanical Engineering student NIU Xuezhi won the Second Prize in the National Final of the 16th “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest for their project “Flexible Bracelet Battery” under the supervision of Dr. ZHANG Kaili.

This biennial national competition for university students in China is organized by the Communist Youth League of China, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the All-China Students' Federation, with an aim to promote the growth of young talents in innovation.

NOV 2019

Dr. LU Yang was awarded the 2019 NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) for his project "微納米力學 Micro/Nano-Mechanics". He will receive a funding of RMB1.3 million to conduct nanomechanics study on low-dimensional crystalline materials and probing their flexible device and strain engineering applications for a maximum period of three years.

The fund, under the National Natural Science Foundation of China, was open for applications exclusively from Hong Kong and Macau for the first time. It aims to support top young scientists with outstanding achievements in basic research to carry out innovative research in fields of their choice, and nurture talent at the global forefront of technology.

Selected press coverage:
(2 Nov 2019) 21 學者獲國家自然科學基金資助 [i-CABLE]
(1 Nov 2019) 21 港學者獲優青基金顯國家關懷 [Ta Kung Pao]
(29 Oct 2019) 香港多所高校的学者获国家优秀青年科学家基金资助 []

JUL 2019

HK University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

2 postgraduate and 1 undergraduate MNE students together with another 2 CityU students won the second prize of Entrepreneurship Proposal (Technology) in the 5th HK University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

Supervisor: Dr. ZHANG Kaili
YANG Shaoran (MNE 2019 PhD Graduate)
TSANG Ying (MSc Mechanical Engineering 2019 Graduate)
NIU Xuezhi (BEng Mechanical Engg, Year 2)
Project Title: SinEnergy Self-powered Flexible Bracelet

The team has been invited to represent Hong Kong to participate in the Challenger Cup held in November, Beijing.

JUN 2019

HKIE-M1 Division Student Project Competition 2018-19

The team of 5 Mechatronic Engineering students has been awarded with the First Runner-up honour in the latest HKIE-M1 Division Student Project Competition 2018-19.

Supervisor: Prof. LI Youfu
Students: HO Cheuk Lung, MAK Chun Wing, SHE Ka Chun, TANG Kai Tat & LUK Tze Ching
Project Title: Manipulator with Computer Vision

JUN 2019

2019 MATE International ROV Competition

A joint team “CityU Underwater Robotics” comprised of students from Department of Mechanical Engineering (MNE), Computer Science (CS), Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering (MSE) and Marketing (MKT) has achieved the rank of number 5 in the 2019 MATE International ROV Competition held in the USA.

The MATE Competition is an annual challenge for participants from all over the world to design and build Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to tackle missions modeled in the marine environment.

Congratulations to the following MNE students:
CHUNG Wing Lam (BEng Mechatronic Engg)
SZE Tsz Ho (BEng Nuclear and Risk Engg)
MOK Tsz Ling (BEng Nuclear and Risk Engg)
TANG Ho Tung (BEng Mechanical Engg)

JUN 2019

Prof. LI Wen Jung and his collaborators have published a paper “Light-sheet microscopy in the near-infrared II window” in Nature Methods.

Hong Kong ICT Award

APR 2019 – Innovative students win Hong Kong ICT Awards [CityU NewsCentre]

Mechatronic Engineering student CHUNG Wing Lam Olive teamed up with another student creators of Electrical Engineering KWONG Hau Shing Owen and LAM Nga Wai Chloe won the Hong Kong ICT Award.

The awarded project “Talktag” is an audio labeler that helps visually impaired people (VIP) identify different objects. The CityU team beat 400 other student teams to win the Student Innovation Grand Award and the Student Innovation (Post-Secondary and Undergraduate) Gold Award.

26 APR 2019 – Open Poster Event on CityU Campus Sustainability (View Photos)

There was a buzz in the Purple Exhibition Zone, the 4th floor of the Yeung Kin Man Academic Building as students set up their posters for their projects for two courses MBE4046 Green Industrial Systems and MBE6051 Sustainable Green Manufacturing offered by Department of Mechanical Engineering (MNE) of City University of Hong Kong. The showcase is the culmination of the whole-semester team projects, focusing on Campus Sustainability.

A wide range of topics related to sustainability, from paper recycling to edible spoons, from student residence waste management to power saving of elevators in academic buildings, from food waste reduction to water saving in the swimming pool, have been investigated by the 4th-year undergraduates and master’s students. Overall, 126 students took part in the event and presented 22 posters. Furthermore, campus operation groups such as CityU canteen, FMO and CDO actively involved in the projects and provided valuable data and help to students. Through the event, students went beyond the classroom and implemented the concepts and analysis methods taught in class to different designs and systems of interest that arise from real campus life. Also, students have honed their skills in aspects of project management, teamwork, professional etiquette, public speaking and communication.

Prof. PAN Chin, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department, and Prof. HO Samuel , Professor of the Social and Behavioural Sciences Department, attended the event and delivered inspiring speeches.Dr. LUO Xiaowei from the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Dr. WANG Wenfeng from the Department of Accountancy were invited to examine the posters.

The poster event is organized by Dr. YANG Zhengbao and financially supported by the Campus Sustainability Fund and the Teaching Start-up Grant (TSG) of the EDGE.

OCT 2018 – PhD student received outstanding research thesis award 2018

Congratulations to PhD student Ms. LI Jing, under the supervision of Prof. WANG Zuankai, on receiving the outstanding research thesis award 2018.

Tiny, soft robot with multi-legs paves the way for drug delivery in the human body

2 OCT 2018 – Tiny, soft robot with multi-legs paves the way for drug delivery in the human body [CityU NewsCentre]

Prof. WANG Zuankai (MNE), Dr. SHEN Yajing (BME), PhD students LU Haojian and YANG Yuanyuan (BME), research associate Dr. ZHANG Mei (MNE), and their collaborators have developed a novel tiny, soft robot with caterpillar-like legs capable of carrying heavy loads and adaptable to adverse environments. The mini delivery-robot could pave the way for medical technology advances, such as drug delivery in the human body. The highly agile milli-robot is able to leap over 10 times its leg length. Thanks to its multi-leg design, which helps reduce friction significantly, the robot can move efficiently inside surfaces in the body lined with, or entirely immersed in, body fluids, such as blood or mucus. Laboratory tests show that it can carry a load 100 times its own weight, which is comparable to a human easily lifting a 26-seat minibus. The aim of the research team in the next two to three years is to create a biodegradable robot that will decompose naturally after completing its drug delivery mission.

The research findings have been published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Nature Communications in a paper titled “A Bio-inspired Multilegged Soft Millirobot that Functions in Both Dry and Wet Conditions”.

Selected press coverage:
(26 Sep 2018) Tiny soft robot with multilegs paves way for drugs delivery in human body [ScienceDaily]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研發微型軟體機械人 體內送藥新機遇 [Sing Pao]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大製「微軟機械蟲」助體內運藥 [Wen Wei Po]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研發機械人 助體內運藥 [Sky Post]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大研微型多足機械人 可游走人體送藥 [Oriental Daily News]
(2 Oct 2018) 城大製「毛蟲」機械人 研人體內傳送藥物 [Metro Daily]
(4 Oct 2018) 仿生多足機器人 宛如坦克車運送藥物至目的地 [Global Bio & Investment]
(23 Oct 2018) Tiny Soft Robots Make Drug Delivery Efficient [Machine Design]
(31 Oct 2018) Tiny, Creepy-Crawly Robot Delivers Drugs Inside the Body [Design News]

3D Printing Workshops for Low Carbon Energy Applications for community centres

25 & 28 AUG 2018 – 3D Printing Workshops for Low Carbon Energy Applications for community centres

The CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre organized 3D printing workshops for low carbon energy applications with the CityU Gateway Education Laboratory for about 40 participants from two community centres under the Social Welfare Department of the HKSAR Government. The visits and workshops were held on 25 and 28 August 2018, with “Big Waster” being the special guest.

World’s first 4D printing for ceramics

AUG 2018 – Special ‘ink’ developed at CityU enables world’s first 4D printing for ceramics [CityU NewsCentre]

Prof. LU Jian’s team has created the first ever 4D printing method for ceramics, which are mechanically robust, feature complex shapes and have a high melting point that makes it difficult to print with conventional laser printers or 3D printers. The new printing process could be particularly useful in manufacturing electronic devices, where ceramic materials show better performance in transmitting electromagnetic signals than metallic materials. The ability to create complex ceramic materials also enable consumers to tailor individually designed ceramic mobile phone back plates. Prof. LU indicated that the 4D-printed ceramic has high potential to be used as a propulsion component in the aerospace field. The team would then continue to enhance the mechanical properties of the material, including reducing its brittleness. Their work titled “Origami and 4D printing of elastomer-derived ceramic structures” has recently been published in Science Advances and has received four US patents so far.

(Source: “New Method Enables 4D Printed Ceramics”, RandDMagazine, 22 Aug 2018)

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(22 Aug 2018) 陶瓷遇熱變身 3D升呢4D 城大全球首創 獲美4項專利 [Wen Wei Po]
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(22 Aug 2018) New Method Enables 4D Printed Ceramics []
(22 Aug 2018) Researchers introduce 1st ever 4D printing for ceramics []
(25 Aug 2018) 陶瓷4D打印發明者呂堅:做研究最重要是原創 []
(28 Aug 2018) 4D列印獲突破!未來人人都可成為「造物主」 [ 壹讀]
(30 Aug 2018) World's First-Ever 4D Printing for Ceramics []
(31 Aug 2018) 城大研「陶瓷墨水」 可4D打印陶瓷 [Sky Post]

CityU Underwater Robotics Team

9-11 JUL 2018 – CityU Underwater Robotics Team came third in underwater robot competition in China

Congratulations to the CityU Underwater Robotics Team on obtaining the Third Prize in 3rd Underwater Robot Competition (第三屆上海“臨港杯”水下智慧型機器人大賽) held in Shanghai, China in 9-11 July 2018, under the supervision of Dr. SHEN Yajing, Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong and faculty members from the EE department. The team members include SZE Tsz Ho (BEngNRE), MOK Tsz Ling (BEngNRE), YEUNG On Lik (BEngM.E.) and students from other sister departments.

The competition aims at promoting underwater robot technology, nurturing innovative talents, enabling collaboration and exchange among marine-related high technology industry, research institutes and universities, and developing the underwater robot industry. Teams from various top mainland universities also participated in the competition.

More details about the CityU Underwater Robotics Team and the underwater robot competition can be found at and More ...

MTE final year students obtained ASM Technology Gold Award 2018 for their transformable wheelchair

6 JUL 2018 – MTE final year students obtained ASM Technology Gold Award 2018 for their transformable wheelchair

Congratulations to MTE final year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LUK Ying Kit and LAM Wah Shing on receiving the Gold Award of the ASM Technology Award 2018 for their project “Transformable Wheelchair” under the supervision of Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong. The team will receive a scholarship of HKD50,000, and will also be invited to the Technology Tour arranged by the organizer, ASM Pacific Technology Limited, in Munich, Germany in early December 2018. An additional scholarship of HK$100,000 will also be donated to CityU as the home institution of the Gold Award winners.

The Award promotes excellence in technology and is an interdisciplinary award inviting participation of top Faculties and Schools of Engineering in Hong Kong, which aims at recognizing and rewarding students with outstanding Final Year Projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. ASM Technology Award honours the best and brightest students for their accomplishments in technology – students who are changing the world for the better. The recognition of students participating in the Award is tacit recognition that high expectations spur high achievement and that academic excellence is a community effort involving parents, peers, teachers, university and mentors.

Collaborative Research Fund

23 JUL 2018 – CityU secures HK$11m in collaborative research fund [CityU NewsCentre]

The project titled “Bio-inspired surface engineering for phase change heat transfer: From fundamental understanding to practical applications” led by Prof. WANG Zuankai has been granted HK$5.5 million under the Collaborative Research Fund Scheme (CRF) of the Research Grants Council. The project team will focus on developing a general bio-inspired approach to fundamentally change and optimise the phase transitions between solid, liquid and vapour for enhanced heat transfer by controlling surface morphology and chemistry, in response to the pressing need for techniques to enhance heat transfer in various high heat flux devices in industries such as microelectronics, nuclear power plants, water desalination and aerospace. It is hoped that “the project will help establish important scientific ground for breakthroughs in interfacial sciences and thermal engineering, and hence assist in the design of robust techniques to address some of the energy challenges facing us today”, Prof. WANG said. The result of the collaborative research project is also expected to have a significant impact on energy saving and security.

Over the past four years, research work led by Prof. WANG has been published in high-impact journals such as Science, Science Advances, Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, ACS Nano, and Advanced Functional Materials. He has also set a Guinness World Record for his research on the development of novel water repellent surfaces, by reducing the contact time between a liquid drop and a solid surface by 80%.

Selected press coverage:
(23 Jul 2018) 城大獲資助逾千萬 展2項新研究 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(23 Jul 2018) 香港城市大學獲資助逾千萬 展2項新研究 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(23 Jul 2018) 仙人掌豬籠草啟發 城大研發新材料 [Sing Tao Daily]

Nanomaterials International Conference

29 JUN 2018 – PhD student received prestigious poster awards at nanomaterials international conference

Congratulation to PhD student Mr. SURJADI James Utama on receiving the Nano Letters Best Poster Award and the Materials Today Rising Star Poster Gold Award during the NANO 2018: XIV International Conference on Nanostructured Materials held on 24-29 June 2018 at CityU. The latter was the biggest award presented during the conference. James is currently studying PhD under Dr. LU Yang’s supervision.

NANO Conference, spearheaded by the International Committee on Nanostructured Materials (ICNM), has been acting as a traditional meeting place for most nanomaterials researchers, where the state-of-the-art research and latest advanced findings in the field are presented. A range of topics at the frontier of knowledge in the field of nanomaterials have been discussed and a wide number of scientific talks will be given by distinguished scientists in plenary and parallel sessions. The 14th International Conference on Nanostructured Materials (NANO2018) will be the first conference to be held in China by City University of Hong Kong. Its key priority is to establish Hong Kong as the a prominent nodal point of ICNM, to serve as an effective platform in the regional cluster for academic experts and students from top institutions around the world sharing their research achievements, to exchange ideas, to establish relationships for future high-level researches in the Nano field, and to yield symbiotic experience for world-leading scientists, delegates and sponsor firms alike. More information on the conference can be found at

Summer student internship

26 JUN 2018 – Summer student internship at China General Nuclear Power Group in London and Shenzhen

Four students from the NRE and M.E. majors will participate in the summer internship at China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) for eight weeks this summer, marking the first time for a national nuclear enterprise to engage students from Hong Kong for internship. Two of the students will have internship with China’s largest investment project in London, while another two students will have internship at CGN’s headquarters in Shenzhen. It is hoped that students would be able to broaden their vision and learn about the third generation nuclear engineering technologies through the internship.

Selected press coverage:
(27 Jun 2018) 城大生中廣核實習:為北上工作打基礎 [Wen Wei Po]
(27 Jun 2018) 中國核企首次接受港生實習 [Ta Kung Pao]
(27 Jun 2018) 中國廣核集團 接收港實習生 [United Daily News]
(27 Jun 2018) 中廣核首度 接受港生實習 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(27 Jun 2018) HK students land internships at nuclear firm [China Daily]

MOU forges closer links between CityU, Karolinska Institutet

25 JUN 2018 – MOU forges closer links between CityU, Karolinska Institutet [CityU NewsCentre]

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed by the Presidents of CityU and Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, one of the world’s foremost medical universities, for collaboration on academic exchange, cultural interchange and cooperation in teaching and research on 19 June 2018, which will further enhance CityU’s capacity to contribute towards addressing the global “One Health” challenge. Under the MOU, a series of academic collaborations and research on different topics, such as health engineering, cell-cell interactions and genetics, will be initiated between the two institutes. Prof. SUN Dong and Prof. ZHANG Yuan-Ting attended the signing ceremony along with the Dean, Assistant Dean, Head and faculty member of Colleges and departments.

Selected press coverage:
(26 Jun 2018) 香港城大與卡羅琳醫學院簽合作備忘 [Hong Kong China News Agency]
(25 Jun 2018) 城大瑞典學院醫學交流 [Wen Wei Po]
(25 Jun 2018) 城大與卡羅琳醫學院簽合作備忘 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]

21 JUN 2018 – Internship at Chinese Academy of Sciences

MTE final year student LAM Wah Shing participated and served as the deputy team leader in the 6-week internship programme at the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized by the HKSAR Government’s Home Affairs Bureau during summer 2018, in a team of 22 students from Hong Kong universities who took part in the programme. He treasures the internship opportunity which allows him to understand the real applications of frontier technologies and hopes to be able to learn from top scientists during the internship programme. He will continue his PhD studies under Prof. SUN Dong’s supervision in the coming academic year, and looks forward to opportunities to develop his career in mainland China in future.

Selected press coverage:
(21 Jun 2018) 港生:學頂級科學家思維 [Wen Wei Po]
(21 Jun 2018) 港青:向院士取經「科研思維」 [Ta Kung Pao]
(20 Jun 2018) 香港大學生首次到中科院實習 關注人工智能等熱門領域 [China News Service]

Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

4 JUN 2018 – Dr. Zuankai WANG recognized as promising young scholars by World Cultural Council

Congratulations to Dr. WANG Zuankai on being acknowledged by the World Cultural Council as young researchers and scholars from Hong Kong who have performed outstandingly in the fields of science, education or arts, from among nine young research leaders at CityU. He will be recognised with a commemorative diploma during the Council’s award ceremony to be held on 8 November 2018, along with the presentation of other prestigious awards.

Selected press coverage:
(4 Jun 2018) Winners of World Cultural Council awards announced [CityU NewsCentre]
(5 Jun 2018) 城大9學者獲嘉許 [Wen Wei Po]

30 MAY 2018 – Highest national honour in engineering, tech for CityU scientist [CityU NewsCentre]

Established in 1996 and managed by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the 12th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology (EST) Award was awarded to Prof. LU Jian on 30 May 2018. Along with the “Guanghua EST Achievement Award”, the Awards are regarded as the most prestigious awards for engineering and technology achievement in China.

Through active participation in collaborative research projects in the Greater Bay Area, Prof. LU expressed his hopes that local universities could promote the transfer and application of advanced technology achievements in the mainland, and thereby contribute to technology development in Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area as well as the whole country.

Working in the field of materials science for more than 30 years, Prof. LU’s main research interests relate to fabrication and mechanical properties of nanomaterials and advanced structural materials, fabrication techniques of materials with plastic deformation, and computational simulation of surface engineering. He currently holds 23 patents granted by Europe, the US and China. He has published more than 450 papers including over 340 papers published in top journals such as Nature and Science.

Selected press coverage:
(11 Jun 2018) 奪2018年光華工程科技獎 呂堅:做「頂天立地」研究 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(31 May 2018) 港三科學家奪光華工程科技獎 [Ta Kung Pao]
(31 May 2018) 呂堅:港學者要融入國家科創建設 [Ta Kung Pao]
(31 May 2018) 三港科學家獲光華工程科技獎 [Wen Wei Po]
(31 May 2018) 獲獎感言:香港科學家不應再觀望 [Wen Wei Po]
(31 May 2018) 港三學者獲頒 光華工程科技獎 [Sing Tao Daily}
(31 May 2018) 3港科學家獲光華工程科技獎 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]

Challenge Cup Hong Kong Regional Final

26 MAY 2018 – MTE final year students won Third Prize at “Challenge Cup” regional competition

Congratulations to MTE final-year students CHAN Tsz Lung, LAM Cheuk Hung, LAM Wah Shing and LUK Ying Kit on obtaining the Third Prize with their project on “Transformable Wheelchair” at the “Challenge Cup” National Competition-Hong Kong Regional Final, Hong Kong University Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2018, under the supervision of Dr. CHIRARATTANANON Pakpong, during its awards ceremony held on 26 May 2018.

Organized by Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association, the competition offers an opportunity for academic exchanges and also a platform for the search of innovative and entrepreneurship talents from the tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. More information on the competition and the award recipients can be found at

Elastic properties of nano diamond

23 APR 2018 - Elastic properties of nano diamond revealed for the first time [CityU NewsCentre]

Dr. LU Yang’s research team, including Mr. BANERJEE Amit and Dr. ZHANG Hongti under his supervision, has discovered that diamonds at nanoscale can undergo ultralarge, fully reversible elastic deformation. The research team demonstrated that when diamond was downsized to nearly 100 nanometres in diameter, which is about one six-hundredth of the size of human hair, up to around 9% of tensile elastic strain was recorded for single crystalline samples. The findings could have a profound impact on the nanotechnology and biomedical fields, and even quantum information technologies. This groundbreaking discovery was recently published in the prestigious journal Science under the title “Ultralarge elastic deformation of nanoscale diamond”.

Selected press coverage:
(19 Apr 2018) Scientists discover how to bend DIAMOND in 'surprising' breakthrough for ultra-strong nanomaterials [Daily Mail Online]
(19 Apr 2018) How to Bend Diamonds [IEEE Spectrum]
(19 Apr 2018) How to Bend A Diamond [Discover Magazine]
(20 Apr 2018) Scientists Discover How to Bend and Stretch Diamonds—the Hardest Natural Material [Newsweek]
(21 Apr 2018) Scientists Find a Way to Bend And Stretch Diamond, One of The Hardest Materials on Earth [ScienceAlert]
(21 Apr 2018) 鑽石全球最硬?專家:有彈性 [China Press]
(21 Apr 2018) 鑽石在納米尺度上有彈性 [Xinhuanet]
(21 Apr 2018) Hallan una forma de doblar los diamantes [ABC (Spain)]
(22 Apr 2018) Scientists Discover How to Bend and Stretch Diamonds—the Hardest Natural Material [Brinkwire]
(22 Apr 2018) 科學家在納米尺度下實現金剛石超彈性 []
(23 Apr 2018) Se il diamante diventa flessibile [Le Scienze]
(23 Apr 2018) Scientists can now make diamonds bend and stretch like rubber [India Today]
(24 Apr 2018) 城大發現納米鑽石具彈性 [Sing Tao Daily]
(24 Apr 2018) 城大揭變形鑽 助納米科技應用 [Wen Wei Po]
(24 Apr 2018) 納米級鑽石 具伸縮彈性 [Sky Post]
(25 Apr 2018) 恒久不變承諾幻滅了 城大發現納米鑽可變形 [Oriental Daily News]
(25 Apr 2018) 中外科學家在納米尺度發現金剛石超彈性變形 [People’s Daily]

26 MAR 2018 – PhD student awarded first prize at bionic innovation competition

Congratulations to PhD student Mr. LI Jiaqian, on being awarded the Premier Prize at the first International Society of Bionic Engineering (ISBE) Bionic Innovation Competition sponsored by Jilin University with his work entitled “Topological liquid diode”, under the supervision of Dr. WANG Zuankai. The competition was initiated in July 2017 and has received more than 130 works from 12 countries and regions including the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, South Africa, Japan, India, China and Hong Kong, which were then assessed by the evaluation committee composing of 9 specialists from around the world. The list of awardees can be found at:

CityU Discovery Festival

14 MAR 2018 – MTE student displayed interdisciplinary work with architecture student at CityU Discovery Festival

MTE final-year student Mr. LAM Wah Shing displayed his innovative and interdisciplinary project on a “Twind Turbine” together with another student from the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering during the university’s annual Discovery Festival held between 13 and 16 March 2018. The “Twind Turbine” is a vertical-axis wind turbine applying to railway or urban areas for electricity generation. The design consists of two types of turbines so that it can work well under high and low speed wind with better efficiency. The innovative project received one of the Best of The Best Awards among about 20 undergraduate projects displayed during the Festival.

Selected press coverage:
(14 Mar 2018) CityU Discovery Festival showcases excellence in innovation and creativity [CityU NewsCentre]
(15 Mar 2018) 城大探索創新節 展20項成果 [Sing Pao Daily News]
(19 Mar 2018) 城大探索創新節 展示創新及創意成果 [Recruit]

HKSQ student project competition

10 MAR 2018 – TQE final-year students obtain awards in HKSQ student project competition

Congratulations to TQE final-year students CHAN Ka San (team leader), LEE Tsz Kwan, WONG Wing To, and LAM Yuk Chun on obtaining the 1st runner-up in the 2018 HKSQ Student Project Competition: Industrial Experience for Students for their project “Quality Issue of Cutting Wire Oxidization”, under the supervision of Dr. LU Yang and Dr. YANG Haokun. The competition was organized by Hong Kong Society for Quality and sponsored by Defond Electrical Industries Ltd., which aims at offering an opportunity for students to work on an actual industrial case and propose resolution, so as to allow them to gain experience to resolve an industrial problem. The winning team’s project proposes a wax-coating method to solve the oxidization problem occurring at the cutting position of electrical wires produced by the sponsor of the competition.

Another team of TQE final-year students CHAN Tsz Lok, KWOK Oon Hei, YU Lai Po and SO Hiu Ying won the Champion award in the competition.

More information on the competition can be found at

International innovation and entrepreneurship contest

21-22 DEC 2017 – PhD student won third prize in international innovation and entrepreneurship contest

Congratulations to PhD student Mr. WANG Yufan and his team, under the supervision of Prof. LI Wen Jung, on receiving the third prize (entrepreneurship category) in the international contest on innovation and entrepreneurship 2017 organized by the Taiyuan Municipal People's Government and China Center for Information Industry Development. The team contested with over 1000 submissions and 300 finalists from industries and universities worldwide.

More information on the contest can be found at

Service robot project

15 DEC 2017 – Service robot project with Towngas won second prize from Construction Industry Council

Congratulations to Dr. LAI W. C. KING and Dr. LUK B. L. on winning the Second Prize (Construction Safety) of the CIC Construction Innovation Award 2017 organized by the Construction Industry Council, for their collaboration project “Service Robot for Repair Exterior Gas Pipe” with Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) on 15 December 2017. This is a prestigious award and competitive competition which has received 124 submissions from industries and universities worldwide. The award aims to spearhead development of new concepts to enable continuous enhancements in the construction industry in Hong Kong. It also aims to recognise and promote new technologies and scientific breakthroughs by both local and international academia and industry practitioners.

The R&D team, which also includes Dr. KOH Keng Huat, Mr. FARHAN Musthafa , Ms. LIU Zoe Yanfei, Ms. CHAN Hiu Ling Florence and Ms. WU Angela, has spent two years on the development of the robot, which has also been highlighted and exhibited at the Construction Innovation Technology Application Centre (CITAC)’s Grand Opening Ceremony on 29 November 2017.

Selected press coverage:
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業創科中心今開幕 [SHUO Online]
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業議會創新及科技應用中心開幕展示最新建築科技 [Commercial Radio]
(29 Nov 2017) 政府五年任期內 科研開支增至450億 [Sing Tao Daily]
(29 Nov 2017) 建造業展新科技 物聯網安全帽監察員工健康 [Oriental Daily News]

Guest lecture by renowned industrialist

20 NOV 2017 – Guest lecture by renowned industrialist on entrepreneurship for our final year students

Dr. CHUNG Roy, a renowned industrialist in Hong Kong, gave a guest lecture on the topic “Entrepreneurship for Young Engineers with the Consideration of Technology Development” for students taking the course MBE4066 Professional Engineering Practice on 20 November 2017.

Dr. CHUNG Roy is the Co-founder and currently a Non-Executive Director of Techtronic Industries Company Limited. He won the Federation of Hong Kong Industries’ Hong Kong Young Industrialist Award in 1997, and was further named the Industrialist of the Year in 2014. He was appointed as a Justice of Peace in 2005, and awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong SAR Government in 2011. Dr. CHUNG is also the founder of the Bright Future Charitable Foundation and supported the setup of the Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships to reward three excellent students in the College of Science and Engineering each year. Two students from our department obtained the award last year.

Seminar on nuclear energy and risk engineering

17 NOV 2017 – Seminar on nuclear energy and risk engineering given to secondary school teachers

Mr. TAN Kok Hwa from Arcadis Consultancy Hong Kong Limited was invited to present a seminar to secondary school teachers, together with Dr. LUK B. L. , on the topic ‘“Why Nuclear Energy and Is It safe?” & Risk Engineering’ during the Teachers Update Courses on “Global Grand Challenges for the Next Century” organized by the College of Science and Engineering on 17 November 2017. The talk introduces the application of risk engineering in various areas and industries, with a 3D video on the nuclear safety of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant displayed.

11 NOV 2017 – Dr. WANG Zuankai receives CityU Outstanding Research Award 2017

Congratulations to Dr. WANG Zuankai on being awarded the CityU Outstanding Research Awards 2017 during the University Congregation on 11 November 2017. Dr. WANG Zuankai’s research is mainly focused on the interface between engineering, materials and physics. By using the multidisciplinary approach, he has made seminal contributions to the emerging area of nature-inspired engineering. Since joining CityU in 2009, he has received many external awards including Changjiang Chair Professor by Ministry of Education of China (2016), International Society of Bionic Engineering Outstanding Youth Award (2016), and The Optical Society Young Scientist Award (2016). The PhD students he supervised have also won many prestigious awards including Young 1000 Talent Plan, MRS Graduate Student Gold and Silver Awards, and Hong Kong Young Scientist Award.

His research has been published in top-tier journals such as Nature Physics, Nature Communications, Science, Science Advances, and Physical Review Letters. (extracted from the Congregation booklet)

Low Carbon Energy Education Centre

30 OCT 2017 - Low Carbon Energy Education Centre promotes a sustainable future [CityU NewsCentre]

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) inaugurated the CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre (the Centre) on CityU campus on 30 October to raise public awareness on the impact of climate change and the importance of low carbon energy sources.

The establishment of the Centre is a showcase of successful cross-sector collaboration that puts to the best use both sides’ expertise, resource and strengths in achieving a common goal of promoting a sustainable future.

Mr WONG Kam-sing , GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment of the HKSAR Government, Prof. KUO Way, President of CityU, Prof. LEE Kwok-on Matthew , Vice-President (Development and External Relations) of CityU, Mr. LANCASTER Richard, Chief Executive Officer of CLP Holdings, and Mrs. YUEN So Siu-mai Betty, Group Director and Vice-Chairman of CLP Power, jointly officiated at the opening of the Centre. More than 160 guests from government departments, professional bodies, green groups and the education sector attended the ceremony and visited the newly established centre guided by Dr. LUK B. L.. One highlight at the Centre is a scaled model of Hualong One Nuclear Reactor, China’s first indigenous, third-generation nuclear reactor. Visitors can also watch a 3-D animation that employs immersive projection technology to depict the core operation area of a nuclear plant.

Selected press coverage:
(31 Oct 2017) 低碳能源教育中心昨日開幕 [Hong Kong Commercial Daily]
(31 Oct 2017) 城大設低碳能源中心 揭核電站結構 [Sing Tao Daily]
(31 Oct 2017) 城大能源教育中心 模擬置身核反應堆 [Ming Pao Daily News]
(31 Oct 2017) 低碳能源教育中心 提高公眾認識氣候變化 [Metro Daily]
(Oct 2017) New facility promotes low-carbon ideas [CityUtoday]

OCT 2017 - MTE graduates won Bronze Award at HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition 2017

Congratulations to MTE graduates LAW Junhui, RIAZ Muhammad Shahzain and SURJADI James Utama on winning the Bronze Award of the "HKEIA Innovation & Technology Project Competition Award: For Students of Electronic Engineering or Related Engineering Fields 2017" for their project "Wearable Micro-Scent Generator for 4D Virtual Reality Systems" under the supervision of Prof. LI Wen Jung . The award was organized by The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Ltd. (HKEIA) and Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Education Foundation to recognize and reward students with outstanding projects which demonstrate excellence in technology and innovation. The projects were judged by their creativity, applicability and practicability, and application of technology. The panel of judges consists of senior professionals and experts from industry. The award was presented during the HKEIA annual dinner held on 13 October 2017.

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