Dr. LUK, Bing Lam  Email address

Laboratory Manager
Tel. no.: (852) 3442-8673
Fax no.: (852) 3442-0235
Email: meblluk@cityu.edu.hk


To provide state-of-the-art facilities, world-class technical support and a safe green working environment for university teaching, research, training and industrial consultancy work.


  1. To support MNE laboratory teaching,
  2. To provide facilities and technical support for MNE students to undergo final year projects,
  3. To provide facilities and technical support for research and development work,
  4. To facilitate consultancy services to local industries,
  5. To support the Departmental and University wide publicity work,


Many of the Mechanical Engineering (MNE) Laboratories and Biomedical Engineering (BME) Laboratories are split and evolved from its previous (parent) Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering (MBE) Department. As such, some of the major equipment and facilities which hosted in common areas are to be shared by both Departments. The majority of MNE facilities are located on:

  • 1st floor, 5th floor and 7th floor of Yeung Kin Man Academic Building (YEUNG),
  • 6th floor of Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI),
  • 3rd and 5th floor of Lau Ming Wai Academic Building (LAU)

The total floor area for teaching and research laboratories is over 2,439 sq meters. They are briefly described below:-

Laboratory Hosting Department Room Type
T01 Basic Training Workshop and Fabrication Laboratory MNE YEUNG-B1481 Teaching
T02 Mechanics and Tribology Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y5405/ Y5406/ Y5407 Teaching
T03 Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Laboratory MNE/BME YEUNG-P7540 Teaching
T04 Advanced Machining and Materials Processing Laboratory MNE YEUNG-B1721/B1722 Teaching
T05 Product Safety and Hazard Analysis Laboratory MNE/BME YEUNG-Y1421/Y1422 Teaching
T06 Metrology Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1625 Teaching
T07 Service Robotics Laboratory MNE LI-6503 Teaching
T08 Control and Instrumentation Laboratory MNE LI-6502 Teaching
T09 Mechatronics and Automation Laboratory MNE LI-6505 Teaching
T10 Integrated Design and Prototyping Laboratory MNE LI-6506 Teaching
T11 Thermal-fluids Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y5101 Teaching
T12 CLP Power Low Carbon Energy Education Centre MNE LAU-3202 Teaching
T13 Nuclear Reactor Simulation Laboratory MNE LAU-5201 Teaching
T14 Product Testing and Inspection Laboratory BME/MNE YEUNG-Y1501 Teaching
T15 Micro Fabrication Laboratory BME/MNE YEUNG-B1667 Teaching
R01 Advanced Coatings Applied Research Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1531/Y1431 Research
R02 Bio-Inspired Engineering Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1522/Y1532 Research
R03 Advanced Structural Materials Research and Development Laboratory MNE YEUNG-B1481A Research
R04 Nanomaterials for Energy Storage & Energetics Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1414 Research
R05 Nanomechanics and Materiomics Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1504 Research
R06 Nano-Materials and Mechanics Research Laboratory MNE YEUNG-B1551 Research
R07 CASM Photo-Mechanics Laboratory MNE YEUNG-B1555 Research
R08 Robot Vision Research Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1412 Research
R09 Integrated Nano/Bio Systems Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1513 Research
R10 Mechanics of Advanced Structural Materials Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1526 Research
R11 Bio-Mechanics Research Laboratory MNE YEUNG-Y1516 Research

Floor Plan - YEUNG

Floor Plan - YEUNG 5/F

Floor Plan - YEUNG (Purple 7/F)

Floor Plan - LI

Floor Plan - LAU

Floor Plan - LAU

Last modified on 4 July, 2019