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Research Interests

Name Research Interests
Prof. Jianping WANG Service-oriented Networking; Cloud Computing; Multicast; Optical Networking; Wireless Networking; Network Coding
Prof. Chong Wah NGO Diet and Food Analytics; Big Data Processing; Multimodal Computing; Multimedia Analysis and Retrieval
Dr. Hau San WONG Multimedia Information Retrieval; Computer Graphics; Pattern Recognition; Bioinformatics
Dr. Antoni CHAN Computer Vision; Surveillance; Machine Learning; Pattern Recognition; Computer Audition; Music Information Retrieval; Eye Gaze Analysis
Dr. Howard LEUNG Pattern Recognition; Multimedia and Image Processing; Intelligent Tools for Chinese Handwriting Education; 3D Human Motion Analysis and Retrieval; Web-Based Learning Technologies
Dr. Linqi SONG Data Science; Machine Learning; Recommender Systems; Information Theory; Algorithms; NLP; Privacy; Smart Grids
Dr. Junhui HOU Visual Signal Processing; Image/Video Representation and Analysis (RGB/Depth/Light Field/Hyperspectral); Static/Dynamic 3D Geometry Representation and Processing (Mesh/Point Cloud/MoCap); Semi-supervised modeling
Dr. Shiqi WANG Image/video compression; Visual quality-of-experience; Multimedia communications; Image/video retrieval and analysis; Multimedia forensics
Dr. Jing LIAO Computer Graphics; Computer Vision; Image/Video Processing; Digital Art; Computational Photography
Dr. Kede MA Perceptual Image Processing; Computational Vision; Computational Photography; Multimedia Forensics

Publications and Others

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