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Multimedia software Engineering Research Centre (MERC) is a key research institution directly affiliated to CityU, reorganized based on the AIMTech Center, and with the aims of enhancing the leading edge and influence in the field of multimedia in Hong Kong and outside. CityU has always attached great importance and emphasis on new media and multimedia, and their technologies and applications as well. In addition to the Centre, the Creative Media Institute and the Department of Media and Communication, which are unique in Hong Kong, were established; the Department of Computer Science has the largest multimedia teaching/research group in Hong Kong, in which most of the faculty members’ research areas are related to multimedia computing and communications. In order to facilitate these relevant research/teaching entities to collaborate, CityU strategically arrange them in the newly constructed building of Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (CMC). Recent years, MERC determined to make its contributions in multimedia knowledge engineering and enterprise informatization based on enterprise informatization requirements. It aims to become a more significant force in industrial extension and enterprises-universities-research combination through participating in the competition of technology R&D and applications, penetrating and spreading of engineering achievements, and transferring and promoting technical achievements of relevant areas.

Our Vision

The application of Internet, mobile-computing and interactive media are growing very fast nowadays. MERC was established to response the various needs of multimedia specialty with the new trend. As aspiring to be a global research center in multimedia software engineering and with the rich research resources and leading-edge technology, we actively involve research, software engineering, application development, technology transferring and high-level education activity in China and Asia Pacific Rim, so as to contribute to the further economic success of Hong Kong and China.

Organization Structure