Subscription Fees

  1. The full (12 months) subscription fees for Alumni Library Services - Reader and Alumni Library Services - Borrower are HK$100 and HK$300 respectively.
  2. The subscribed services expire on 30 June of either the current year or the next year, depending on when the subscription is made.
  3. Alumni members can start subscription in any month of the year. Subscription fees are then calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the number of months of the year prior to the expiry date of the privilege. For details, please refer to the table below, which is the fee schedule for new applications of library services, or, for reactivation of expired library subscriptions.
  4. Renewal to existing Alumni Library Services are accepted on and after 1 June of every year, (i.e. 30 days before the common expiry date of 30 June). Early renewal of an active subscription between March to May is refused.
  5. All applications and renewals are to be submitted online. Discounts (15% off the subscription fees) are offered when payments are to be settled online.
  6. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable, and cannot be used to settle other services or library charges.
  7. Subscription fees paid cannot be transferred or used for the subscription of another service package. In other words, switching from Alumni Library Services (Reader) to Alumni Library Services (Borrower), or vice versa, will result in automatic forfeiture of the fee balance left in the former subscription and under no circumstances can the fee balance be refunded or applied to the subscription of another service.
  8. The Library reserves the right to change the charging scheme and fees without prior notifications to the users. The Library has the final discretion on any dispute that may arise.

Time for Application * Service Valid Period Subscription Fees (HK$) Payable
Alumni Library Services - Reader Alumni Library Services - Borrower
Start Date End Date Full 15% off Full 15% off
June 4 working days after your new application

2 working days for renewal application

30 June of the next year 100 85 300 255
July 91 77 275 233
Aug 83 70 250 212
Sept 75 63 225 191
Oct 66 56 200 170
Nov 58 49 175 148
Dec 50 42 150 127
Jan 30 June of the current year 41 34 125 106
Feb 33 28 100 85
Mar 30 June of the next year 125 106 375 318
Apr 116 98 350 297
May 108 91 325 276