Exploring Hong Kong's Wilderness

Steven Jusuf is an international student from Indonesia, studying for finance at CityU. He is passionate about mountains and says that he could spend his whole life mountaineering! We were lucky enough to meet him and find out more about his various exciting adventures in and around Hong Kong.

Steven has always been an adventure lover and he has turned his passion into something that can benefit everyone. To promote outdoor activities, Steven and his friend James founded the “Adventure Company” (now renamed as the “City University International Outdoor Society”, or CUIOS) in 2014. 

View of the Tai Mo Shan hike

The club conducts a hike every Sunday to some of the lesser-known trails that lead to majestic views. Steven is the main organiser of the events. He selects a hike based on his personal experience or from popular demand and creates an event on the group’s Facebook page. Invites are sent to all members and interested participants can join the activity. The students are mostly exchange and international students who are keen to explore as much of Hong Kong as possible, but of course local students are also welcome to join. As this is a recreational society formed by students themselves, participants need to pay for the cost of any travel tickets themselves.

View from the Pat Sin Leng hike

Many students will be amazed to learn how well the urban sprawl and nature intertwine in Hong Kong, making it a perfectly balanced city in which to live.  There is a sharp contrast between the tallest floors of International Finance Centre (IFC) and the stunning views enjoyed by hikers in Sai Kung.

View from the Sai Kung hike

There are four major hiking trails in Hong Kong. The Wilson Trail covers the city from east to west, and the MacLehose Trail covers from north to south. The other two are the Lantau Trail and Hong Kong Island Trail. These four trails are further divided into many sections, and the CUIOS has already conducted successful hikes on each of these sections.

The hikes offer breath-taking views that make you question how a city with one of the highest number of skyscrapers in the world can possibly have such an explored wilderness within such easy reach. One of the most unique hikes to date was to the Hong Kong Geopark in Sai Kung, which boasts hexagonal rock formations and cliffs dating back thousands of years. One of the most fun hikes is the hike held at the beginning of every semester, which includes hiking, swimming and cliff diving!

A view of the coast from the Sai Kung hike

So next time you are in Hong Kong on a weekend, get up early and join one of the hikes – we promise it will be an adventure to remember! You can participate in the activities by joining the Facebook group “CityU International Outdoors Society”. Details about upcoming hikes are posted regularly.