Global Exposure

It’s a SHIOK Journey to Singapore!

As a college student born and raised in Hong Kong, I always thought about stepping out of my comfort zone and spending some time in an unfamiliar place to immerse myself in ‘differences’...

Summer in Sydney – Discovering Places and Discovering Life

As summer was approaching, I was burdened with the realisation that I needed to get something to do for 3 months, or I would end up wasting time back in my hometown, Indonesia, binging on Netflix and chocolates...

Study Abroad in Tokyo: Cultural Shocks, Challenges and Warmth

Tokyo has always been ranked among the top three most popular travel destinations for Hong Kong people...

Service Learning Trip to Myanmar: While we teach, we learn

Talking about Myanmar, what will pop-up in your mind? “Underdeveloped”, “complicated ethnic issues”, or “regional conflicts”?

Vilnius: The Pearl of the Baltic

“Where is it?”
“Why do you choose this country as your exchange destination?”

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: Serving Ethnic Minorities

As we immerse ourselves into our modern-day lives, filled with technology, services at the press of a button and towering skyscrapers in every direction, we often lose touch with the simpler things...

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: A Summer in Prague

To feel in one’s presence, and see with one’s eyes is the key to personal enrichment. This holds particularly true when travelling to a completely new part of the world...

Malaysia: Where People Speak Multiple Languages

Hello! 你好!汝好無?(Lı́ hó bô?) Apa khabar? Kopivosian!

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