Global Exposure

“Under the Water”

WHAT? The Extreme Environments Programme was created to take students to remote and endangered ecosystems in order for the students to make site-specific art that couldn’t have been created without nature...

Hungary: “Where the Fence is Made out of Sausages”

“So, where are you from?” is a question that I dread very much. Why would I dislike this question, you ask? Well, because of the sole reason that my response prompts long and awkward silent moments...

Diary of My MUN Conference

Today, I attended what is widely considered to be the World Cup of “MUNning” with the other fellow CityU students...

Indonesia: More than just Bali and Domestic Helpers

As an Indonesian student residing in Hong Kong, one of the most frustrating yet amusing experiences I encountered is trying to explain to people that Indonesia is not India...

Happy Valentine’s Day – the “Unique” Romance Chemistry in the World
情人節快樂 ─ 世上“獨特”的浪漫化學

February – the love-hate month. For those who love it, congratulations!

Voyage along the Silk Road

Come along on a trip with me, will you?

“Pie” Is No Longer “In The Sky”

I have always dreamed of studying abroad, and it really happened in Semester A 2015/16. Thanks to a partial grant offered by my home university, I had a taste of a different experience at...

New York Diaries

One of the best things about CityU is that it aims to provide 65% of undergraduate students with an international experience by 2019 through, for instance, student exchange programme or internship...

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