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Happy Valentine’s Day – the “Unique” Romance Chemistry in the World
情人節快樂 ─ 世上“獨特”的浪漫化學

February – the love-hate month. For those who love it, congratulations! I know you are in a relationship. For those who hate it, uhhh… single and lonely. Some said the Christmas month makes them puzzled, but at least you can have a food party with your family or friends. Who will celebrate the Valentine’s Day with your grandma? Anyway, no matter what status you are, you should still read this article – couples may find how boring your dating times have been and the singles may increase their chances of getting a boyfriend/girlfriend.

2月 ─ 有愛有恨的月份。對於那些愛它的人,恭喜你!我知道你在戀愛中。對於那些恨它的人,嗯......單身寂寞。有些人覺得聖誕節讓人困惑,但至少你可以和家人朋友開個派對,吃喝玩樂一番。誰會與奶奶外婆一起慶祝情人節?姑勿論你狀況如何,你還是應該讀一讀這篇文章 ─ 情侶們可能會發現平日的約會多麼沉悶無聊,而單身者也許能增加認識男/女朋友的機會。

Good memory is required in dating?
South Korean couples place high importance on anniversaries. Not just on a yearly-basis, but every 100th, 200th, 300th… or 1000th day together. Additionally, couples have their own special way to celebrate on the 14th of every month. On top of the traditional Valentine’s Day and White Day, they are also celebrating Rose Day, Wine Day, First Kiss Day… I bet lovers in South Korea must have their schedules full of anniversary marks and their bedroom drawers full of gift wraps. The younger and more affectionate couples do celebrate in this way, though not every single couple does so.


Night hunt courtship?
Known as “bomena” locally, night hunting started in the eastern rural areas of Bhutan where men would sneak into a girl’s bedroom and spend a night there. If caught, he would have to either marry the girl or work it off on the fields of the girl’s family.


The most romantic guys in the world?
Kissing with a French guy in front of the Eiffel Tower in the sunset is probably the most romantic dreaming scene for most girls. However, some said French guys seem to have perfected the art of “non-dating” dating. Couples usually hang out in groups instead of in pairs. “Dating barely exists in France,” says Lindsey T., an American who lives in Paris and is married to a Frenchman. “From the moment you express interest in one another and kiss, it can be assumed you’re in a relationship.” This is the place for fast hook-up and quick romance.

日落時於巴黎鐵塔前與法國男人接吻可能是很多女孩夢想中最浪漫的情景。然而,有人說法國男人似乎最善於「非約會」的約會藝術。情侶通常在團體中聚會,而非各自一雙一對碰面。「約會在法國幾乎不存在」,居於巴黎、嫁給法國人的美國人Lindsey T. 說。「從表示對對方有興趣並親吻的一刻開始,就假定你們是戀人了。」這裡是嚮往快速戀上和瞬間浪漫的地方。

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Kissing your friend’s husband/wife, publicly in their wedding?
The most romantic part in a wedding is probably the kissing between the groom and bride. Yet in Swedish tradition, it is common to find the groom disappear for a period of time during the wedding for any unmarried guests kissing the bride. Similarly, when the groom is with other female guests, the bride should leave the room. If you just want a kiss, attend a Swedish traditional wedding.


“The Bridesmaids’ Gate”
Just to make sure the groom is dedicated enough to marry the bride, bridesmaids in Hong Kong will challenge the groom and the groomsmen with different tasks. Basically before the groom enters the bride’s house, the bridesmaids will form a defense wall until they have received a satisfying amount of red packets. And then the groomsmen have to complete a series of tasks, e.g. 100 times of push-up with the bridesmaid sitting on, drinking 10 bottles of juice within 2 minutes, dressing stupidly. Sometimes the tasks are even harder than the physical tests for police. The games aim to test how much the groom is willing to devote for marrying the bride and of course, for fun!


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Fatter = Better?
In Mauritania, a man having a wife in large size symbolizes his wealth, i.e. his ability to provide in excess of his family. Husbands can gain face if their wives are fat enough. Yet, this ritual has been doubted as women there are suffering from obesity and health issues.


Cinderella’s curfew?
The Cinderella story is not a fairy tale. In Afghanistan, marriage is arranged by parents, therefore dating is highly restricted by social norms and moral groups. Even in schools, boys and girls have to be separated. In general, girls have a 7:00 pm curfew while boys have an 11:00 pm one. Afghanistan people go home even earlier than Cinderella.


The official eloping house?
When the Marriage Act of 1754 made marriage illegal for persons under 21 in the United Kingdom, tons of young couples ran across the border to Scotland where the law did not apply. To date, nearly 5,000 couples have visited Gretna Green, a village in the south of Scotland, for wedding or reaffirming vows.

官方私奔地? 英國1754年的「婚姻法」訂明21歲以下的人結婚為非法,令大量年輕情侶跨越邊界逃到此令並不適用的蘇格蘭。到目前為止,已有近5,000對情侶或夫婦到訪格雷特納格林(蘇格蘭南部一個村莊)舉辦婚禮或重申誓言。

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Of course, stories above do not represent all perspectives. They are interesting facts found online with no offence. Share with us in here if you have any opinions or personal dating story. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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