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Kowloon: Through the Eyes of a Photographer

As a photographer, I always wanted to do a photo essay on some of my favourite spots in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong. Some of the spots are already well-known, but there are also some spots that have not been widely introduced...

Grease - Where Music and Dance Brought People Together

“Hurry up! There are so many people here already!” That was the last text sent by my friend before I rushed out of my room towards the Wong Cheung Lo Hui Yet Hall, where the musical Grease would be held this year...

Collect Memories Not Things: Note for My First Month in Hong Kong

“Don’t listen to what people say, just go and see…!”

Same but Different: Memories of My Exchange Study

What does it mean to be a Singaporean who has not traveled a lot (yea, that’s me)? It means that you could see or feel the freezing winter air, the autumn leaves that fall on your lap, and the sweet-smelling spring only in your imagination...

Vilnius: The Pearl of the Baltic

“Where is it?”
“Why do you choose this country as your exchange destination?”

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: Serving Ethnic Minorities

As we immerse ourselves into our modern-day lives, filled with technology, services at the press of a button and towering skyscrapers in every direction, we often lose touch with the simpler things...

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: A Summer in Prague

To feel in one’s presence, and see with one’s eyes is the key to personal enrichment. This holds particularly true when travelling to a completely new part of the world...

Malaysia: Where people speak multiple languages

Hello! 你好!汝好無?(Lı́ hó bô?) Apa khabar? Kopivosian!