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Same but Different: Memories of My Exchange Study

What does it mean to be a Singaporean who has not traveled a lot (yea, that’s me)? It means that you could see or feel the freezing winter air, the autumn leaves that fall on your lap, and the sweet-smelling spring only in your imagination...

Vilnius: The Pearl of the Baltic

“Where is it?”
“Why do you choose this country as your exchange destination?”

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: Serving Ethnic Minorities

As we immerse ourselves into our modern-day lives, filled with technology, services at the press of a button and towering skyscrapers in every direction, we often lose touch with the simpler things...

CityU Omnibus on the Silk Road: A Summer in Prague

To feel in one’s presence, and see with one’s eyes is the key to personal enrichment. This holds particularly true when travelling to a completely new part of the world...

Malaysia: Where people speak multiple languages

Hello! 你好!汝好無?(Lı́ hó bô?) Apa khabar? Kopivosian!

Out of the CityU Blocks – Off-Campus Peer Support Accommodation (OPSA)

We are often told to be more culturally and globally aware, and our University has been providing ample opportunities for students to increase their international exposure...

“Under the water”

WHAT? The Extreme Environments Programme was created to take students to remote and endangered ecosystems in order for the students to make site-specific art that couldn’t have been created without nature...

Hungary: “Where the Fence is Made out of Sausages”

“So, where are you from?” is a question that I dread very much. Why would I dislike this question, you ask? Well, because of the sole reason that my response prompts long and awkward silent moments...