Top 10 Pre-Arrival Tips to Newbies!


Be Prepared

You may have already thought about the differences in all aspects like food, climate, transportation, customs, culture and language while you are living abroad. Would that be all? You may face many unexpected challenges as you experience greater independence and personal responsibility. Be prepared to make adjustments and be open-minded!

Hint: To get a first glimpse of life might be like in HK, you may read blogs online, get travel books, talk to people who have lived/ studied here before or take a look of our DiverCity - Student Magazine.


Go for It

It takes time to develop friendships and you may have to be the first one to extend an invitation! It is pretty normal for a new person in any social group feeling shy or uneasy, but don’t let this discourage you from trying to make new friends!

Tip: International Friends Club (IFC) is always a great start of your journey to make local friends. They are friendly senior CityU students who are ready to assist! Need an IFC buddy? Email now!




Be Connected

Before you depart, ensure that your family is well aware of your itinerary for your exchange period. Be sure to give your family and friends your contact information. Keep them updated of any changes.

Must Do: Make sure that you go on AIMS and update your emergency contact in Hong Kong, too!


Academic Practice

CityU fosters the highest standards of academic integrity. You may be more or less familiar with these practices but it is utmost important that you understand and adhere to the standards of conduct prescribed by the Academic Honesty. Avoiding unintentional violation, read it now!

Example: Cite your sources and provide adequate and accurate bibliographic information.




Experience It All

Study abroad is about learning and growing! Learning means more than staying within the walls of a classroom or maintaining your GPA. Why not taking the advantage of the diversity of your university life? Seize the opportunity to join more cross-cultural activities or social events to achieve all around personal success.


Stay Tuned

Once you have activated your CityU’s email account, check it regularly! Make it a habit to ensure the official University communications and campus alerts reach you!

How? Your CityU student email can be accessed from anywhere by going to





Mistakes Are Good

Be ready to laugh at mistakes you make! You will no doubt misunderstand some of what is/ will be going on around you. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as they are part of your learning experience of your new surroundings.


Reaching Out

Expect hiccups! Method of teaching and assessment in Hong Kong will undoubtedly be different from that of back home. You may also feel lonely and stressful while coping in a new environment. If you experience difficulties in adjusting, do not wait too long to get help. Go talk to your teachers, your hosting department, a counsellor or GEO. The supports are in place!

Where? Personal Counselling is available at Student Development Services.



Looking Ahead

Pack the medications and bring along prescriptions if you are on regular medical treatment. If you have special medical concerns, make sure you consult your doctor before departure! Don’t forget to check whether your insurance covers you outside of your home country. Know how payment/ reimbursement works if you’re treated overseas and if you need to bring back specific documentation.

What else to take? Baggage allowances are limited and let us help you with some tips!


A Must-Go

Orientation provides information you will need about living and studying at CityU. These programmes also include social events which give you opportunity to get to know other students. You should definitely attend the Orientation and make your travel arrangements accordingly!

When? Orientation starts 1 week before the semester begins. For programme schedule, please visit GEO’s Welcome Web.