Student-Initiated Projects - 2022-2023


To promote campus internationalisation and integration, CityU students are invited to submit proposals with the aim of allowing local and non-local students to work together toward a common purpose of providing a more welcoming environment for all students.


Any full-time student pursuing a CityU degree may be a proposer. Each proposal must be:

  1. raised by at least 3 proposers including a mix of local and non-local students, and
  2. endorsed by a full-time staff advisor (academic staff or non-academic staff at the rank of Executive Officer or above).

Funding Support

The maximum amount of sponsorship for a successful proposal may reach HK$100,000. The amount of funding shall be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Assessment Panel.

Student Organiser Manual [MUST READ!]

Please read through the Student Organiser Manual before drafting your proposal.

Proposals and Deadline

Application should be sent to by the designate deadline. Late, incomplete or retrospective application will not be considered. A complete submission should include:

  • a scanned proposal with endorsement of staff advisor in PDF format
  • an editable Word file
  • (optional) supporting documents (e.g. quotations)

Application Deadline
Round 1 26 August 2022
Round 2 18 November 2022
Round 3 3 February 2023

All projects have to be implemented by 31 May 2023.

Assessment Panel

An Assessment Panel with members appointed by the Vice-President (Development and External Relations) will review SIP proposals.

Selection Criteria

  • The project proposals are assessed according to three criteria –
    (i) integration (the extent to which the project is effective in promoting integration and cultural exchange between local and non-local students);
    (ii) creativity (the extent to which the project is interesting, creative and appealing to students); and
    (iii) content (the extent to which the content of the project is intellectual and inspiring with a global perspective).
  • SIP is funded by institutional budget that shall not support commercial, political and religious activities. Representation of commercial, political and religious stances at SIP events is inappropriate and should be avoided.
  • There shall not be any discriminatory, vulgar, gambling, offensive, obscene and sexually explicit elements involved.

Post-project Matters

Projects successfully granted with SIP funding will be required to submit the following items to the Global Engagement Office (GEO) at upon completion of the approved project. Reimbursements will NOT be processed until all required documents are received.

To be submitted within 5 days of event completion:

  • An event recap
    • (For virtual event) A summary clip of around 1 minute
    • (For physical event) A set of 10-30 quality action photos (with a file size of 2-5 MB each)
    • A short paragraph to wrap up the event
To be submitted within 1 month of event completion:
  • A final report (Official Template)
  • A reimbursement form (Official Template)
  • A set of categorised receipts in original copy
  • A list of organisers, helpers and participants (Official Template)

  • Notes:
    1. Original receipts should show the following information clearly to meet the University requirements on application for reimbursement.
    • Name of purchased item(s)
    • Date of purchase
    • Total amount and currency
    • Company name OR company stamp

    2. Receipts related to hospitality, such as food and beverage, will NOT be processed unless a participant list stating the participants’ full names and student IDs is provided.

    3. GEO will check the reimbursement details and pass on to the Finance Office (FO) for funding arrangement. You may expect to receive the reimbursement from FO around 2 months after the reimbursement documents are confirmed to be correct and complete.


Contact the Global Engagement Office (GEO) at if you have any questions. You are also welcome to schedule a meeting with us.

List of Funded Projects in the Previous Years

Funded Projects in 2021/22

Funded Projects in 2021/22

Project Title
Mid-Autumn Festival Party
Festival of Lights - DIWALI
Calligraphantasy: Connecting People, Connecting Cultures
CityHack 2022 - Hall Hackathon Event
We Playback... to Move Forward
Indonesian Festival
Funded Projects in 2020/21

Funded Projects in 2020/21

Project Title
A Glimpse of our Culture
Easy Korean Lesson!
Festival of colors - HOLI
Hong Kong and Singapore: Same but different
Korean classics alive in Hong Kong
Moments beyond the borders
Silk Road: A Melting Pot of Cultures
Funded Projects in 2019/20

Funded Projects in 2019/20

29 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel. 27 projects will be funded and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Connecting People, Connecting CulturesSep 2019 - Jan 2020
Cricket Open Day7 Feb 2020
Crosstalk and Sketch Show1 Mar 2020
Diwali Night 20192 Nov 2019
Double Wicket Cricket Tournament17 Nov 2019
Exchange Student Sharing Session 2019-20204, 5, 11 Nov 2019
Global Festival Night22/23 Nov 2019
Hall Hackathon Competition - CityHack15-16 Feb 2020
Hanfu Promotion SchemeSep 2019 - Mar 2020
Hiking on Dragon’s Back21 Sep 2019
Indonesian Night 2020: FLORES12 Feb 2020
Pakistan Night21 Mar 2020
Scottish festival: St Andrews Ceilidh30 Nov 2019
South African Cultural Fair 20194 Sep 2019

Round 2

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
1st Thai Night2 Apr 2020
CityU Global E-sport CompetitionSem B, 2019/20
Culture Bridge across Asia22 Feb 2020
Drama Gathering 2-3 May 2020
Early Scholars’ Symposium for DAMTC13 Jun 2020
Indian Dance WorkshopFeb - Mar 2020
Korean Night 2020Sem B, 2019/20
Model United Nations Conference 202022-23 Feb 2020
Playback Theater Jan - May 2020
Taiwanese Night 202030 Mar 2020
Tea Night5 Apr 2020
Youth Companion ProjectJan - Mar 2020
Funded Projects in 2018/19

Funded Projects in 2018/19

27 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in the three rounds of applications. 23 projects will be supported by the funds and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Connecting People, Connecting CulturesSem A & B, 2018/19
CityU Exchange Fair 201819 Oct 2018
Cultural Diwali Night 201810 Nov 2018
Culture Salad Eve19 Jan 2019
Hall Hackathon Competition - CityHack26-27 Jan 2019
South African Culture Fair 20188 Aug 2018

Round 2

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
2019 Korean Night: Korea, Yesterday and Today14 Feb 2019
Chinese Culture Gala23-24 Feb 2019
CityU Model United Nations Conference 201916-17 Feb 2019
Drama GatheringDec 2018 - Apr 2019
Festivals Around the GlobeJan 2019
Festival of Ethnic Minorities in ChinaMar 2019
Global Festival Night23 Nov 2018
Global Village28 Feb 2019
Indonesian Night: JOGJA23 Feb 2019
Pakistan Night30 Mar 2019
Project Ethnic Minority Empowerment (PEME)13 Mar 2019
"You Story, My Story, Our Story": Embracing Diversity Through Playback Theatre18 May 2019

Round 3

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
College of Business New Year Party 201928 Jan 2019
Exchange Sharing SessionsMar - Apr 2019
Insights from Insiders16 Apr 2019
Taiwanese Night 20191 Apr 2019
Funded Projects in 2017/18

Funded Projects in 2017/18

33 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in the two rounds of applications. 24 projects will be supported by the funds and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Mid-Autumn Festival with in-bound exchange students22 Sep 2017
Global Festival Day26 Oct 2017
Diwali Night 201731 Oct 2017
Happy Integration Through TennisOct 2017 - Feb 2018
Hall Hackathon Competition27-28 Jan 2018
Indonesian Night 2018: DEVATA7 Feb 2018

Round 2

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Art Fair 2018 - The Enchanted Cottage22-23 Jan 2018
CalligraphantasyFeb - Mar 2018
Celebrate CNY with in-bound exchange students7 Feb 2018
Chinese Culture Festival26-27 Feb 2018
CityU Model United Nations Conference3-4 Feb 2018
Drama GatheringFeb - Apr 2018
Happy Integration Through Tennis (HIT) Sem BJan - Apr 2018
Japanese Day2 Feb 2018
Korean Night 201826 Mar 2018
Language SalonJan - Apr 2018
Minority Culture Festival 201824 Mar 2018
Project Ethnic Minority Empowerment 2018Mar 2018
Refugee Run17 Mar 2018
Spring Banquet3 Feb 2018
Taiwanese Night28 Mar 2018
The Canada Day 2018: The Vibe of Maples19 Mar 2018
US Day22 Nov 2017
Funded Projects in 2016/17

Funded Projects in 2016/17

33 project proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in three rounds of applications. 23 projects will be supported by the funds and they are listed alphabetically as follows.

Round 1

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Connecting People, Connecting CulturesNov 2016 - Jun 2017
City University Diwali Night 201629 Oct 2016
CityU Exchanges Fair 20166 Oct 2016
Connecting Through Tennis1 Oct 2016 - 8 April 2017
Dream of Chinese Dragon - Enjoy Chinese Traditional Culture and Regional Cuisines9 Nov 2016
Global Festival Night <2016>2 Nov 2016
Indonesia: Unity in DiversitySem B, 2016/17
The Festival of Sacrifice 20165 Oct 2016

Round 2

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Art Fair 2017- Voyage Around the World23-24 Jan 2017
Chinese New Year Party17 Jan 2017
CityU Model United Nation Conference 201726-27 Feb 2017
Color ChinaEarly Mar 2017
Drama Gathering31 Oct 2016 - 25 Mar 2017
EM Cultural Night10 Feb 2017
Japanese NightLate Feb 2017
Minority Culture Festival24 Mar 2017
Project EM EmpowermentJan - Mar 2017
Spring Banquet18 Feb 2017
Taiwanese NightTBC

Round 3

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Building Up Friendship through Ice-skatingFeb - Jun 2017
CityU Music Contest 2017: Tuna Taka Wewe2 Mar 2017
Cricket Fun Day 201727 Feb 2017
Tour De Hong Kong4 Mar 2017
Funded Projects in 2015/16

Funded Projects in 2015/16

A total of 25 proposals were received and reviewed by the Assessment Panel in the two rounds of applications in the 2015/16 academic year. Finally, 11 student-initiated projects in the first round and 11 student-initiated projects in the second round were awarded University Grants Committee (UGC) and CityU funds. The 22 funded student-initiated projects, listed alphabetically, are:

Round 1

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Calligraphantasy: Essence of the Past, Fantasy for the FutureNov 2015 - May 2016
CityU Diwali13 Nov 2015
CityU International Students' Culture HubNov 2015 - Jun 2016
Cooking MamaFeb - Mar 2016
Global Festival Night5 Nov 2015
Model United Nations of CityU19-26 Feb 2016
Project GlobeNov 2015 - Feb 2016
Singapore Night3 Nov 2015
Sweeties' WorkshopNov 2015 - Apr 2016
The Festival of Sacrifice8 Oct 2015
Wellness PlusNov 2015 - Jun 2016

Round 2

Project TitleProject Period (Proposed)
Colour China18-19 Feb 2016
DanSing U11 Mar 2016
Home VisitJan 2016
Indonesian Night Market15 Apr 2016
Lantern Festival22 Feb 2016
Malaysian Night18 Mar 2016
New Year Party 2016Feb 2016
Project EM EmpowermentMar - Apr 2016
Springlicious26 Feb 2016
Taiwanese Night22 Mar 2016
Weekly SportsJan - May 2016