Overview of Funding Resources

CityU encourages all students to gain international experience and nurtures students to be future leaders of the society with international outlook, good communication skills and the ability to thrive in a multi-cultural environment. Both internal and external funding resources are available to support students in participating in outbound learning programmes around the world. Here is a list of funding schemes administered by Global Engagement Office (please click into each funding scheme for application details):

Global Experience for ALL Funding Scheme (GEAFS)

Academic and student support units organizing outbound short-term learning programmes of 28 days or more may apply for funding support by GEAFS. The scheme is an institutional initiative to provide CityU students with varied academic and financial backgrounds with equal access to learning opportunities outside Hong Kong. All full-time undergraduate students enrolled in UGC-funded programmes who participate in university organized outbound activities approved by GEAFS are eligible for funding support by the scheme. Those students who have not participated in any university activities outside Hong Kong lasting for one month will enjoy priority.

International Summer Experience Sponsorship (ISES)

Apart from joining global learning activities organised by the University with partner institutions overseas, students may also wish to attend international summer programmes offered by other prestigious universities around the world to gain international learning experience. To encourage students’ participation, the University will provide a subsidy to selected students via the International Summer Experience Sponsorship (ISES) scheme.

Through ISES, students who successfully apply and complete one of the summer programmes on the ISES-eligible list may receive a subsidy of up to HK$15,000 per student, subject to availability of funding.

Mainland 10000 Scheme (ML10000)

Subsidised by the Ministry of Education (MoE) of the People’s Republic of China, the Mainland 10000 Scheme sponsors university students from Hong Kong to participate in short-term/long-term academic related programmes in the Mainland in order to enhance students’ academic, social, and cultural learning experience. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of CityU, both local and non-local, will be eligible to participate in the Scheme. Priority shall be given to local students in Hong Kong. Applications should be made by the Mainland partners of the University with support from a College/School/Department.

Mainland Experience Scheme (MES)

The MES is provided by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Government of the HKSAR to support local and non-local full-time post-secondary students at sub-degree and undergraduate levels participating in exchange activities with substantive teaching and learning elements in the Mainland. Each student will be able to receive subsidy under MES once only (irrespective of the amount of subsidy they receive), but students who have previously received assistance from the Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme (PMES) are also eligible for assistance under MES. Applications should be made through Colleges/Schools/Departments.

Schemes for Subsidy on Exchange (SSE, Means-tested SSEBR, Non-means-tested SSEBR)

Three subsidy schemes are provided by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Government of the HKSAR to support local full-time undergraduate students to participate in outbound exchange activities organized by the University comprising substantive teaching and learning elements.

  • Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange (SSE)*
  • Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions (Means-tested SSEBR)*
  • Scheme for Non-means-tested Subsidy on Exchange to “Belt and Road” Regions (Non-means-tested SSEBR)
* For students who are receiving means-tested student financial assistance from the Government or whose family are in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) only

Student Interflow Scheme (SIS)

SIS is provided by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau University Alliance with funding support from University Grants Committee (UGC) to subsidize local full-time undergraduate students who participate in short-term internship or learning programmes in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. The SIS funding will be available for three years ending 30 June 2022.