Summer Programme in Gansu and Qinghai:
Ethnic Minorities along the Silk Road

Programme Overview

Host Institution Lanzhou University
Destination Gansu & Qinghai, China
Testative Programme Dates 22 July - 18 August 2019
Quotas 25

Remarks: Programme dates are subject to change without prior notice.

Programme Features

  • Appreciate the cultural diversities embedded in languages, religious beliefs and architectures;
  • Experience Silk Road culture through lectures, workshops and study visits;
  • Gain information about the changes of the living forms of ethnic minorities on the Silk Road;
  • Acquire information about the evolvement of Silk Road business and culture in ancient and contemporary history;
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal and multicultural communication skills; and
  • Increase students’ intercultural competency and cultural sensitivity that are useful skills transferable for career and personal development.

Programme Schedule

Please refer to the 2018 programme schedule as a reference (Click here).
Updated schedule will be available in March 2019.
Remark: Programme schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Application Requirements and Procedures

More information will be available in March, 2019.


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