Summer Programme in Gansu and Qinghai:
Ethnic Minorities along the Silk Road

Programme Overview



Host Institution Lanzhou University
Destination Gansu & Qinghai, China
Tentative Programme Dates 22 July - 18 August 2019
Quotas 25
Fee HK$4,800 per student

Remarks: Actual departure and return dates of the programme may be slightly adjusted without prior notice.

Programme Features

  • Appreciate the cultural diversities embedded in languages, religious beliefs and architectures;
  • Experience Silk Road culture through lectures, workshops and study visits;
  • Gain information about the changes of the living forms of ethnic minorities on the Silk Road;
  • Acquire information about the evolvement of Silk Road business and culture in ancient and contemporary history;
  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal and multicultural communication skills; and
  • Increase students’ intercultural competency and cultural sensitivity that are useful skills transferable for career and personal development.

Programme Schedule

Please download the 2019 programme schedule here.
Remark: Programme schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Application Requirements and Procedures

Applicants must be able to fulfill the requirements set by the University and the host institution, which include but not limited to the following. Participants of this programme must be:

  • Hong Kong or Macau permanent residents who are at least 18 years old;
  • able to handle intensive travel and travels to places at high altitude;
  • able to communicate in Mandarin;
  • able to travel and work as part of a team;
  • interested in the Silk Road, ethnic minorities, social and community services, history and culture in general;
  • able to respect and obey the rules and regulations set by the programme organizer, actively participate in all programme activities and submit assignments in time.

Application period: 09 March, 2019 – 25 March, 2019.

Interested students should apply through CRESDA and submit supplementary information here.


Global Engagement Office
Tel:     3442 8089