CityU Discovery@World Programme (Discovery@World) is a series of 1-month summer programmes designed to encourage undergraduate students from a varied academic and financial background to gain non-local learning experience before graduating from CityU.

Discover the world in a month and you will:

  • Explore and enhance global perspective through theme-oriented studies, field trips, excursions and social activities;
  • Gain sights on cultural diversity;
  • Foster personal development, e.g. problem-solving ability, multicultural communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills; and
  • Have a chance to take the 1-credit course GLE1001.

Available Programme

In summer 2018, there are five programmes available.

Programme Name Host institution Programme Dates Fee Fee
(For student eligible for PMES funding)
Summer Programme in Prague: East and Central European Studies Charles University,
Prague, Czech Republic
Section B:
June 18 - July 14
Section C:
July 9 - August 4
HK$12,000 - Here
Summer Programme in Qingdao: Maritime Culture
Ocean University of China,
Qingdao, China
June 3 - June 30 HK$2,400 HK$1,000 Here
Summer Programme in Harbin, China and Vladivostok, Russia
Harbin Institute of Technology,
Harbin, China
Maritime State University,
Vladivostok, Russia
June 30 - July 29 HK$2,800 HK$1,000 Here
Summer Programme in Gansu and Qinghai: Ethnic Minorities along the Silk Road
Lanzhou University,
Gansu, China
July 24 - August 20 HK$3,200 HK$1,300 Here
Summer Programme in Serbia: Urban and Rural Development across Central and Southeast Europe Educons University,
Novi Sad, Serbia
July 1 - July 30 HK$10,000 - Here

Remarks: Programme dates and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Information Sessions

You may attend one of the following information sessions to know more about the programmes.

Date Time Venue Registration
March 20, 2018 17:00 - 18:00 Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, P4701 Here
March 22, 2018 17:00 - 18:00 Yeung Kin Man Academic Building, B4701 Here


Students are eligible to apply if they:

  • are full-time UGC-funded undergraduate students of CityU; and
  • have met all the admission requirement(s) of the selected programme(s).

Students who meet the following conditions will have priority:

  • Those who have not joined any university-organised non-local learning programme of at least 4 weeks long before; and
  • Those who are in their final year of study on a UGC-funded bachelor's degree programme and intended to graduate at the end of Summer Term of 2018.


The University provides funding support to subsidize part of the student direct cost incurred by return transportation to and from Hong Kong, accommodation fee and programme fee. The listed fees are the amounts to be settled by the students. In addition to the student direct cost, each student participant will also need to bear on their own the other expenses incurred, including insurance, meals, health care, visa, travels, etc.

Application Procedures

  1. Apply through the online application form.
    • Specify and prioritize your programme choices.
    • Attend the Information Session before you submit the application.
  2. Prepare and submit the required information and documents through the online application form.
    • Personal statement (around 200 words)
  3. Indicate whether you would like to apply for additional funding on the online application form.
    • Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme (PMES)
    • Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange(SSE)
    • Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions (SSEBR)
    • **The application for funding, where eligible, must be made through the Discovery@World online application form.

  4. Submit the online application form by the application deadline: April 6, 2018.
  5. Applicants may be invited for interview if necessary.

Apply Here

Programme Timeline

Application Period: March 14 - April 6, 2018
Information Sessions: March 20 & 22, 2018
Result Announcement: April 9, 2018 onward (on rolling basis)
Briefing Sessions: April 23 - 27, 2018

Available Additional Funding

Students may apply for the following funding. Please click the links below for funding details:

Funding Name Destination Details
Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme (PMES) Mainland China Here
Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange(SSE) Around the World Here
Scheme for Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions (SSEBR) "Belt and Road" regions defined by Education Bureau Here

**The application for funding, where eligible, must be made through the Discovery@World online application form.

Global Learning Experience 1001

Global Learning Experience 1001 (GLE1001) is a 1-credit course made available for eligible students participating in Discovery@World programmes. In this 1-credit course, students will write a weekly discovery log to reflect their unique discovery of the culture differences between Hong Kong and the host country/region; and submit a written report together with a two-minute video presentation to identify an important real-life global problem and propose a creative solution. Students are required to pass both discovery log and global problem-solution report to secure an overall pass in this course.

Please click HERE for further details of the course.

Notes to Applicants

  1. Before you file an application, please read and observe the following:
    1. Failure to submit any of the required documents will constitute an incomplete submission, and the application will NOT be processed.
    2. Application results will be announced to successful applicants by email from April 9, 2018 onwards on rolling basis. Please check the email account you have provided on the online application form. Students need to submit the fee in full to confirm the offer acceptance. The fee is not refundable. The Global Engagement Office reserves the right to withdraw an offer should any student fail to submit the fee by the deadline.
    3. You are required to attend all briefing sessions, post-trip meetings and programme activities as requested by the Global Engagement Office. The compulsory pre-departure briefing session will be scheduled in the week of April 23-27, one half-day session. A separate pre-departure briefing session for each programme will be arranged, tentatively one week before the departure date of the programme. In this connection, plans you may have shortly before or after the programme, e.g. tour with friends and family, join another study tour, or return home for a summer holiday, might have to be rescheduled. If you are not sure about the dates of the Discovery@World programmes, you are responsible for finding out these dates by contacting the Global Engagement Office.
    4. You are responsible for applying for credit transfer, if applicable, by consulting your Programme / Major and Course Leaders at your home department in due course.
    5. The Global Engagement Office might invite you to share your experience with potential applicants through activities organized by the Global Engagement Office in future.
    6. You are not expected to stay behind after the completion of the programme.
    7. You have to submit a reflective report to share what you have learnt from the programme and how the experience may benefit your career development and personal growth within a week after the completion of the programme. The reflective report should contain 5 photos and at least 300 words in length.


Global Engagement Office
Tel:     3442 8089