Global experience is an essential facet of a well-rounded education, with international travel and universal knowhow seen as valuable assets in our ever-changing world. CityU strives to offer our undergraduate students global learning opportunities that can further enhance greater education.

This webpage is designed to provide students with a one-stop gateway to explore and engage global learning opportunities, from summer programmes to semester-long exchanges, from seasonal study tours to professional internships. If you’re just starting out on your global learning journey, discover the many possibilities available to you here, with detailed information on locations, courses and applications.

Exchange Programmes

CityU’s exchange programmes are some of our most popular offerings, with over a thousand students every year embracing the opportunity to spend a semester overseas and expand their greater education. We partner with hundreds of institutions in over 40 countries/regions around the world, the programme offering students the chance to study and engage in vibrant international environments, earning academic credits that in most cases can be transferred back to CityU.

Non-local Internships

Internships are an important stepping stone from education to employability. CityU is dedicated to preparing students for future careers, through non-local platforms where skillsets are enhanced both in and out of the workplace. From close-to-home opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, to international Working Holiday Scheme destinations across East Asia, Australia & Oceania, Europe and North America, our internship platforms immerse students in tangible business environments, stimulating chances of employability in the competitive contemporary job market.

Summer Programmes

Summer break presents exceptional opportunity to balance study and social lives in an engaging international environment. Our various summer programmes see students broadening cultural horizons at distinct destinations across the globe, while furthering overall education in one of our many partner institutions. Our CityU Discovery@World Programme in particular, uniquely tailors curriculums to individual locations, presenting students with a prospectus adapted to each destination’s culture.

Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS)

Language has the ability to open doors and create opportunities. Our Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme (CALIS) financially supports undergraduate students to travel overseas and engage exclusively in a foreign-language environment. Through a month of intensive classes, alongside community interactions and engaging homestays, these experiences equip them with a greater understanding of global cultural sensibilities. Previous schemes have seen the programme travel to Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Joint Bachelor's Degree Programmes

Our Joint Bachelor’s Degree Programmes take pride of place at our institution, presenting CityU students the rare opportunity to earn two bachelor's degrees within the standard undergraduate tenure – one here at CityU and the second at an equally prestigious global university.

Study Tours

Understanding the differences in international business operations is a fundamental skill for workplace relations. Study tours grant students access to organisations around the world, allowing them to engage in professional business environments while practicing and acquiring valuable skills that can benefit future careers. From leadership and interpersonal communication, to interviewing and presentation, these credit and noncredit-bearing study tours are particularly placed for business-focused cultural awareness.

Other Global Learning Opportunities

CityU’s overseas learning opportunities are forever evolving, the programmes on offer ensuring students are equipped with international advantage among progressive global dynamics. From internships at the world’s biggest organisations and curriculums covering technological advances, to volunteer and community engagement schemes that spotlight ventures affecting change, our programmes are constantly adapting to suit the ever-changing landscape of our contemporary world.