Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do I need to pay tuition to CityU during the exchange period?

    Yes, you must pay your normal tuition and other study-related fees to CityU while studying outside Hong Kong as an exchange student. However, you do not have to pay any tuition fee at your host university.

    2. I am a second-year student. Can I go on exchange in my final year of study?

    Yes, if your application is approved by your College/School/Department, you may choose to participate in the Student Exchange Programme in any semester that fits your study plan.

    3. Is there any language requirement?

    Yes, unless you apply for a programme conducted in Chinese in Mainland China or Taiwan. For all other programmes, you need to fulfil both the English Language Requirement set for Student Exchange Programme and any specific requirements set by your host university. If you do not meet these requirements, your offer to participate in the Student Exchange Programme will be withdrawn, along with any funding.

    4. When can I go on exchange?

    Students who apply for exchange in the first round will be asked to indicate their choice of Semester A or B in the next academic year as their exchange semester. Students who apply in the second round will go on exchange in Semester B of the same academic year if selected.

    5. Can I change my choice of host university after confirming the offer?

    No, you will have to relinquish your offer and submit a new application for exchange in the next round of selection.

    6. What should I do with the credit units earned from the exchange programme?

    You should consult your academic advisor or programme leader at CityU about credit transfer before your exchange study. After completing your exchange programme, you will need to consult your programme leader about the actual transfer of credits. The approved credits will be transferred back to your academic record at CityU. For further details, contact the Academic Regulations and Records Office and your home department.

    7. What documents should I submit before departure and upon return of exchange programme?

    You should :

    Before departure, upload below listed documents to AIMS:
    1) A copy of the Letter of Acceptance issued by your host institution
    2) A copy of your proof of English language proficiency, if necessary
    (details can be found at
    3) A copy of your travel & medical insurance policy

    Upon completion of exchange programme, submit the below listed documents to GEO by email (
    1) A copy of official transcript issued by your host institution

    For recipients of GEO Administered Funding*
    2) 5 quality photos
    3) A 500 words reflective essay
    4) Any other requirements as requested by donors

    * The approved funding/subsidy will only be kept effective for one year from your Student Exchange Programme exchange term.  City University of Hong Kong reserves the right to forfeit the funding/subsidy if you are unable to complete the aforementioned procedures within this period of time.