Monthly Talks

Core members of the center and those from the area who are regular participants in the center’s activities offer monthly talks on current research. The talks in this semester will be given at 16:00 on the following dates.


Date Topic Presenter Venue
3 October 2016 Choosing a Dao and Choosing a Normative Theory: Characterizing the Classical Chinese Ethical Project in Relation to Western Ethics
Daniel J. Stephens CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
5 December 2016 The Nature and Point of Philosophy: A Normative Account
Lin Yao CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
6 February 2017

Spinoza, Confucius, and the Relational Ethics-es of Correlative Cosmology

Shea K. Robison CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
29 November 2017

Body and Politics: The Political Theory of Zhuangzi

Peng Yu CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
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