Monthly Talks

Core members of the center and those from the area who are regular participants in the center’s activities offer monthly talks on current research. The talks in this semester will be given at 16:00 on the following dates.


Date Topic Presenter Venue
25 January Max Weber and the Idea of the Occident
Joshua Derman CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
31 January Hé (和),” a Concept Cluster of Harmony in Early China
So Jeong Park CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
14 February

Just Cause in Early China: A Comparative Analysis of Warfare Ethics

Ping-cheung Lo

CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)
3 May

The Division of Educational Labour Between Confucian Education and Political Liberalism

Baldwin Wong

CEACOP Conference Room (MMW-4433)


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