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WANG, Jiangyu
Professor WANG Jiangyu
SJD (Pennsylvania)
MJur (Oxford)
LLM (Pennsylvania)
LLM (Peking)
LLB (China University of Political Science and Law)
Attorney and Counsellor (New York State and China)
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Director, Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (CCCL)
中國法與比較法研究中心 主任
Joint Editor-in-Chief, The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Oxford University Press)

Contact Information

Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building – 6114
(852) 3442 7026

Research Interests

Research Interests
  • Chinese Legal System
  • Corporate and Securities Law
  • International Law
  • International Economic Law
  • International Law and International Relations
  • Comparative Law
  • Law and Development in China and Asia

WANG Jiangyu is Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law at the CityU School of Law. Prior to joining CityU, he held a tenured appointment at the Faculty of Law of the National University of Singapore (NUS Law) for more than a decade, where he served as Director of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) and was the founding Deputy Director of the Centre for Asian Legal Studies (CALS) of NUS Law and Joint Editor-in-Chief of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (CJCL) published by Oxford University Press. His teaching and research interests include international law and international relations, international economic law, comparative company law and securities regulation, and law and development in China. He worked in the Legal Department of Bank of China, and Chinese and American law firms.


Honours and Awards

  • 2007 Young Researcher Award granted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007年香港中文大学青年学者杰出研究奖)
  • Chen An International Law Chair Professor, appointed by Xiamen University, April 2014 (厦门大学陈安国际法学讲座教授, 2014年4月荣聘)
  • Best Author Award for 2015, China Law Review, March 2016 (《中国法律评论》2015年最佳作者奖)
  • 2011 New Century Excellent Talents Award from the PRC Ministry of Education for services as a guest professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University School of Law (2011教育部新世纪优秀人才)

Editorial Membership

  • Joint Editor-in-Chief, The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (Oxford University Press), present
  • Subject Editor, Asian Journal of Comparative Law (Cambridge University Press), present
  • Executive Editor, Asian Journal of Comparative Law (Cambridge University Press), 20162019
  • Joint Editor-in-Chief, Asian Journal of Comparative Law (Cambridge University Press), 20122016
  • Trade Law Editor, Singapore Year Book of International Law (National University of Singapore), 20032006

Selected Publications


  • China, International Law and the International Order (in preparation)
  • Company Law in China: Regulation of Business Organizations in a Socialist Market Economy (2nd edition), UK: Edward Elgar Publishing (forthcoming 2020).
  • Company Law in ChinaRegulation of Business Organizations in a Socialist Market Economy. UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014.
  • China, India and the International Economic Order (co-edited with M. Sornarajah), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.
  • Uniform Commercial Code Revised Article Five, Translation work. Beijing: Fazhi Press, 1998. (China) [《美国统一商法典信用证篇》,王江雨译,法制出版社,1998]

Journal Articles

  • “Mixed Ownership Reform and Corporate Governance in China’s State-Owned Enterprises”, Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law, Vol. 53 (forthcoming May 2020) (with Tan Cheng-Han).
  • “Judicial Independence in Dominant Party States: Singapore’s Possibilities for China”, Asian Journal of Comparative Law (2019) 14:2, pp. 337-371 (with Lance Ang).
  • “China’s Governance Approach to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI): Relations, Partnership, and Law”, Global Trade and Customs Journal (2019) 14:5, pp. 222-228.
  • “China, India and International Law: A Justice based Vision between the Romantic and Realist Perceptions”, Asian Journal of International Law 9 (2019), pp. 217-250 (with M. Sornarajah).
  • “Piercing the Corporate Veil: Historical, Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives”, The Berkeley Business Law Journal (2019) 16:1, pp. 140-204 (with Tan Cheng Han and Christian Hofmann).
  • “Reforming the World Trade Organization: China’s Proposals [WTO Gaige de Zhongguo Fangan], The South China Sea Law Journal (Naihai Faxue) (2019) 11:1, pp. 1-15 (co-author with several others).
  • “Power Transition, Battle of Models, and Rule-based International Order: Sino-U.S. Relations from the Perspectives of International Relations and International Law”, China Law Review, 2018, no. 5: 3-17 [“权力转移、模式之争与基于规则的国际秩序: 国际关系与国际法视角下的中美关系”, 《中国法律评论》 2018年第5期,第3-17页].
  • “Between Power Politics and International Economic Law: Asian Regionalism, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and U.S.-China Trade Relations”, Pace International Law Review (2018) 30:2, pp. 383-439.
  • “Between ‘Rule’ and ‘Law’: Governance Dilemma of Political Leaders in East Asia”, 60 (2018:4) 58-65 [“东亚政治领袖的‘法’与‘治’之困”,《文化纵横》2018年第4期(总第60期),58-65页].
  • “Legitimacy, Jurisdiction and Merits in the South China Sea Arbitration: Chinese Perspectives and International Law”, Journal of Chinese Political Science (2017) 22:2, pp. 185-210.
  • “International Law, International Relations, and China’s Perspective on the South China Sea Arbitration Case in Light of Its Own National Interests”, 2 [2016] Asia-Pacific Security and Maritime Affairs [“国际法、国际关系与国家利益视角下的南海仲裁案”,《亚太安全与海洋研究》,2016年第2期], pp.1-15.
  • “Geopolitics, Discursive Power and International Law-Making”, China Law Review, 2016, no. 2: 39-45 (China) [“地缘政治、国际话语权与国际法上的规则制定权”,《中国法律评论》2016年第2期,第39-45页].
  • “Liberalization oriented Foreign Investment Regime for a Rising China”, China Law Review, 5:1, 2015, pp. 60-64. [“大国崛起背景下的开放型外资法制”,《中国法律评论》, 第5期,第60-64页].
  • “The Political Logic of Corporate Governance in State-owned Enterprises in China”, Cornell International Law Journal (2014) 47:3, pp. 631-669.
  • “Making Singapore Company Law More Singaporean? – A Critical Evaluation of the Recent Revision of the Companies Act in the Light of Comparative Law”, Asian Business Lawyer, Fall 2014: 15-36 (South Korea).
  • "Judicial Reform and Political Development in China: An Introduction by the Managing Editor". Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, 2, no. 2, part. 2014 (Judicial Reform in China) (2014): 185-187. (UK).
  • Judicial Independence in an Authoritarian Regime: Singapore’s Judicial System and Its Implications for Judicial Reform in China, in China Law Review, Vol.1, 2014 (Inaugural Issue), pp. 78-84. [“‘威权’体制下的‘司法独立’:新加坡司法体制对中国的启示”,《中国法律评论》第一期(创刊号)(2014),78-84页].
  • “Land and Housing Regulation in Singapore: Balancing Between Private Rights, Social Welfare and Public Interest”, Administrative Law Review (Xingzheng Fa Luncong), Vol. 14:2011 [“新加坡土地和房屋管理制度 - 私权、民生和国家利益之间的平衡”,北京大学宪法与行政法中心编《行政法论丛》第14卷(法律出版社,2012)].
  • “China and East Asian Regionalism”, (2011) 17:5 European Law Journal (pp. 611-629)
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  • “Financial Liberalization in East Asia: Lessons from Financial Crises and the Chinese Experience of Controlled Liberalization”, (2007) 41:1 Journal of World Trade 211-241.
  • “The Strange Role of Independent Directors in a Two-tier Board Structure of China’s Listed Companies”, (2007) 3 Compliance & Regulatory Journal  47-55.
  • “China, India, and Regional Economic Integration in Asia: The Policy and Legal Dimensions”, [2006] 10 Singapore Year Book of International Law 269-305.
  • “区域自由贸易协定与中国的处境和政策选择:法律、经济与大国贸易战略”, 《国际经济法学刊》,第14卷第一期,2007年(北京大学出版社), 187-225页。[“Regional Trade Agreements and China’s Policy Choices in the Global Wave of Regionalism: The Law, Economics, and Strategy”, (2007) Chinese Journal of International Economic Law, Vol. 14, No. 1, p. 187-225]
  • “资本账户开放和金融服务自由化的法律思考”,《上海财经大学学报(哲学社会科学版)》, 2006年第6期(第8卷总第44期),36-41页。[“The Myths and Realities of Financial Liberalization: A Legal Perspective”, (2006) Journal of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Vol. 8, No. 6, pp. 34-41]
  •  “Legal Education in Asia”, co-author, (2006) 1:1 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 184-207.
  • Book Review: “Review of Reforming Corporate Governance in Southeast Asia: Economics, Politics, and Regulations”. (2006) 1:1 Asian Journal of Comparative Law 306-308.
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Book Chapters

  • “International Economic Law and Asia”, in Simon Chesterman, Hisashi Owada and Ben Saul (eds), Oxford Handbook of International Law in Asia and the Pacific, Chapter 10, pp. 237-266 (Oxford University Press, 2019).
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Reports and Policy Papers

  • 新加坡国际商业法庭的国际性和独立性 [Internationalization and Independence: Lessons of Singapore’s International Commercial Courts for China]. 13 July 2018. China International Commercial Court. Link:

Shorter Articles or Commentaries

  • “亚洲经济一体化的格局、乱局和解局”,《财经》十七年纪念刊
  • “半岛核危机下的中朝关系:惯性、安全利益与思维转型”,《隆道观察》(新加坡)2016年3-4月(总第11期)
  • “新加坡经验:高薪重责打造的廉洁政府”, 《财经年刊2015:预测与战略》,第48-52页
  • “新加坡‘小国大外交’进入困惑期?” 《中国新闻周刊》第720期(2015年8月23日出版)
  • “新加坡反对党的输和赢”,及“政治反对派报告”,《中国新闻周刊》2015年第35期(总第725期),40-45页
  • “新加坡人为什么抱怨公积金?” 《南风窗》2014年第13期
  • “狂热民族主义的悲剧:一战前欧洲国际关系给当今东亚形势的启示”,《南方人物周刊》2014年第6期(总第379期),第36-44页
  • “新加坡法治的源头”,《南风窗》2013年第13期
  • “生活在别处 – 围城效应中的移民现象”,《南风窗》2013年第12期
  • “小国必也寡民乎? --- 新加坡的移民政策困境” ,《南风窗》2013年第11期
  • “法治,还是严刑峻法?”《南风窗》2013年第10期
  • “要‘好民主’,不要‘坏民主’”,《南风窗》2013年第9期
  • “实用主义的成就与迷失”,《南风窗》2013年第9期
  • “人民行动党长期执政的秘诀”, 《南风窗》2013年第7期
  • “不易学的新加坡模式”, 《南风窗》2013年第6期
  • “‘新加坡模式’深思明辨”, 《财经》2013年第10期
  • “美国在国际经济领域的战略撤退”,《南风窗》2011年第13期
  • “大选直击:新加坡没有民主吗?”《南风窗》2011年第11期
  • “大中华经济圈的两岸猜想”,《南风窗》 2009年第14期
  • “得失寸心知:仰融案是谁的最后胜利?”《香港信报财经月刊》2007年9月号(总第366期),46-49页 .

Working Papers

  • 当代中国法律制度的基本特征、结构和未来发展展望 [The Fundamental Characteristics, Structure and Future Prospects of the Contemporary Chinese Legal System], 19 August 2010, East Asia Working Paper No. 86. Singapore: East Asian Institute of the National University of Singapore (ISSN 0219-1415; ISBN 978-981-08-6751-5).