ITC STEM Internship (2022/23)

** Summer Internship is now open for application.**


The Innovation and Technology Commission (“ITC”) has set up the STEM Internship Scheme (the “Scheme”) to encourage STEM students to gain innovation and technology (“I&T”)- related work experience during their studies and to foster their interest in pursuing a career in I&T after graduation, so as to enlarge the local I&T talent pool.

Guidelines for Employers and Students

Employers and students should read the ITC STEM Internship Scheme guideline before applying. Please click HERE to study the guideline.


ITC STEM Internship Scheme 2022/23 will be open for application throughout Semester AWinter BreakSemester B and Summer 2023The minimum duration for each internship shall be four consecutive weeks (28 calendar days) with no maximum duration. Nevertheless, an intern cannot receive allowance under the Scheme for more than three months (on an accumulative basis) in an academic year.

Financial Arrangement

Upon successful completion of the internship, the allowance will be disbursed via CityU Finance Office to students directly by March (for Semester A and Winter Break internship), June (for Semester B internships) and November (for summer internships) respectively.

Participating employers may pay the student interns a monthly honorarium on top of the allowance under the Scheme with reference to their internal policies, industry benchmarks or market rates.

Application Procedures (For Summer Internship)
STEPS Employer Students
1. Register internship opening with Career and Leadership Centre (CLC) by email at Please refer to the above ITC STEM Internship Scheme guideline for employer’s eligibility.  
2. Apply for the internship opening directly according to the procedure and deadline as stated in the job list. Please refer to the above ITC STEM Internship Scheme guideline for student’s eligibility.  
3. Arrange interview(s).  
4. After receiving the offer from the company, student should submit the “SEE Application Form” within 3 days upon receiving verbal offer or written offer from company or by 21 November 2022, whichever earlier. Only eligible applications will be processed.  
5. Once the application is approved, the student will be notified by SEE by email. Then, you can proceed to sign the appointment letter with the company and begin the internship.
6. Submit a <Minimum Wage Exemption Form> to SEE Office.  
7. The student and his/her Participating Employer should conduct an evaluation of the Applicant’s internship performance before the end of internship. They should complete the “ITC E-Assessment Form”.  ✔  ✔
8. The student should submit the duly completed “ITC E-Assessment Form” to the Miss Vivian Kong (email: for processing by  8 September 2023.    ✔


Remarks on SEE4000 Professional Development II (Professional Experience Eligibility) [Applicable to Cohort 2020 and onward]

  • Under SEE4000 Professional Development II, SEE undergraduate students (Cohort 2020 and onward) should obtain 160 hours of Professional Development by the time they graduate.
  • Internship covered by ITC STEM Internship Scheme will NOT be recognized under SEE4000 Professional Development II, as the ITC STEM Internship Scheme does not cover internships that are for fulfilling the compulsory requirement for graduation of a degree programme.

Miss Vivian Kong (

Job List
Company Job Title Job description &
Application Method
Eligible Discipline(s)
Mondo Green Energy Ltd Carbon Neutrality Project Trainee JD_007 Engineering related
Wah Tung Tai Logistic Company Limited Trainee JD_006 Engineering related
Leo Paper Bags Manufacturing (1982) Limited IMD Assistant JD_005 Engineering related
Leo Paper Bags Manufacturing (1982) Limited Summer Intern JD_004 Engineering related
HKT (Hong Kong Telecom) Student Intern JD_003 Engineering related
Golden Cup Printing Co Ltd Summer Intern JD_002 Engineering related
C & C Joint Printing Co., (H.K. ) Ltd. Summer Intern JD_001 Engineering related


ITC STEM Internship (Winter Break 2022 Intake)
ITC STEM Internship (Summer 2022 Intake)