We Welcome Prof. Kenneth Leung, Prof. Alvin Lai and Dr. Steven Wang


It is with great pleasure to welcome three affiliate faculty members, namely, Prof. Kenneth Leung, Prof. Alvin Lai and Dr. Steven Wang.

Prof. Kenneth Leung is an expert in marine science. His research interests encompass marine pollution, ecotoxicology, environmental risk assessment, environmental quality benchmarks, marine ecology, biodiversity conservation and ecological restoration using eco-engineering.

Prof. Alvin Lai’s expertise is in indoor air pollution.  His main research areas are air quality with the emphasis on airborne particles, exposure, aerosol science and technology and filtration technology.

Dr. Steven Wang’s research focus to initiate practical engaged solutions to the real-world issues that combine different disciplines. In particular, he aims to tackle the energy and environmental problems using experimental and theoretical approaches.

The joining of these three affiliated faculty members would foster the interdisciplinary research collaboration between academic units.  

Prof. Kenneth Leung Prof. Alvin Lai Dr. Steven Wang