SEE Secures Significant ITC Funding for Groundbreaking Research Projects

The School of Energy and Environment (SEE) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has been awarded substantial funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), totaling HK$6.6 Million, for two pioneering projects led by our esteemed faculty members.

  1. “Study and Development of Novel and Next-Generation Self-Cooling Building Materials using Daytime Passive Radiative Cooling Technology” led by Prof. Edwin Tso, Associate Professor of SEE
    This project, backed by HK$4.8M and additional provisions for postdoctoral researchers for three years, aims to revolutionize the construction, property management, and renewable energy industries. The research focuses on the creation and commercialization of innovative self-cooling building materials that have the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and improve solar cell efficiency by more than 5%.
  2. “Development of a Scalable Electrometallurgical Treatment Strategy to Extract and Capture Valuable Metals from Waste Printed Circuit Boards (WPCBs)” lead by Prof. Jason LAM, Assistant Professor of SEE 
    Funded by HK$1.8M and additional support for postdocs for three years, this project seeks to develop an environmentally friendly method for the efficient recovery of metals from electronic waste. The project proposes an innovative kg-scale electrochemical reactor to recover metals from waste printed circuit board (WPCB) stocks.

The projects demonstrate researcher’s dedication to addressing global challenges in energy efficiency and waste management, and align well with school’s mission to develop sustainable technologies that will shape a greener future.  

The acquisition of funding from ITC underscores the School of Energy and Environment's commitment to pioneering research and innovation in the creation of sustainable solutions. The awards not only acknowledge the quality and relevance of our research but also propels our researchers to break new ground in their respective fields.  With sizable funding of HK$6.6 Million, we eagerly anticipate the advancements these projects will bring to our school and society at large.

ITC Funding