Local media and press reported SEE team on receiving HK$100,000 HK Tech 300 Seed Fund


Following its earlier announcement of the launch of the flagship innovation and entrepreneurship programme “HK Tech 300” with an allocation of HK$500M, CityU held the HK Tech 300 Seed Fund Presentation Ceremony on 29 July 2021, presenting seed funds with the total sum of HK$6.5M. The scheme, which was launched in March, covers fields including information and communications technology, artificial intelligence, biotech and health, education and financial technologies. It is expected to last at least three years and benefit a total of 300 start-up teams.

Sixty-five teams formed by students and alumni at CityU have been selected so far. Each team would receive HK$100,000 worth of seed funding.

Led by SEE PhD student and research assistant, Mr. Zhu Yihao Martin and Miss. Du Yuwei, I2Cool is also selected for the HK$100,000 seed fund. The innovation is about the creation of “novel energy-free passive radiative cooling paint” that is environmentally friendly. The paint, which has high thermal emission and high solar reflection, can be applied to the exterior or roofs of buildings, aims to save energy use from air conditioners. The team would explore more uses of the cooling paint, such as combining it with solar panels to increase power generation.

The news has widely reported in local media:

Hong Kong Economic Times
Ming Pao
South China Morning Post

TV News
TVB News on 29 July 2021

HK Tech 300 Seed Fund I2Cool

HK Tech 300 Seed Fund I2Cool
(Source: TVB News, 29 July 2021)