Kick-off Meeting of One-off CRF Coronavirus Disease and Novel Infectious Disease Research Exercise of the Collaborative Research Fund (CRF) on 2 June 2021

Project Title
  • Reducing transmission of novel coronavirus and other infectious diseases using food waste-derived medical textiles via electrospinning for healthcare apparel and personal protective equipment
  • 廚餘轉化的醫用紡織品透過靜電紡絲製備生產防護服和個人防護裝備可減少新型冠狀病毒及其他傳染病的傳播

The first CRF Monthly Meeting was held at the Interdisciplinary Multi-function Room (G7603, YEUNG) on 2 June 2021.  All CRF Co-Principal Investigators and their research team members participated in this meeting. 

This kick-off meeting provided a great opportunity and platform to exchange views, visions and research experiences in the FIVE major tasks.  It is a unique opportunity for the young scientists and researchers from various disciplines to tackle the grand challenges and public health problems through developing new solutions by using food waste-derived non-woven medical textiles via electrospinning for healthcare apparel to limit the transmission of airborne COVID-19 and Novel Infectious Disease for protection of patents and healthcare workers.

Collaborative Research Fund CRF(Left to right, front row) Group photo of with CRF PC and all Co-Principal Investigators. Dr. Walid Daoud, Dr. Ben Leu, Dr. Shauhrat Chopra, Prof. Chak K. Chan, Dr. Carol Lin, Prof. Christopher Chao, Dr. Edwin Tso.
Prof. Shixing Tang and Dr. Zhi Ning participated via Zoom.

A short visit to Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) in the Hong Kong Science Park was arranged by Mr. Johnny Lo (PhD student of Dr. Carol Lin) after the Kick-off Meeting on 2 June afternoon.

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute NAMI
Dr. Carol Lin and her research team members for chairing the research presentation by Task 3 team member.

Collaborative Research Fund CRF
Dr. Shauhrat Chopra (left) and Dr. Ben Leu (right) during research discussion session in the Kick-off meeting.