Dr. Edwin Tso's research on daytime passive radiative cooling paint being showcased in Inno Carnival 2020


Dr. Edwin Tso, Assistant Professor, will showcase his research work on daytime passive radiative cooling paint in the Virtual Inno Carnival 2020 during 23 – 31 December 2020. Through the carnival, interesting local innovations and research achievements will be showcased.

Electricity usage for space cooling contributes a significant amount of a building’s energy consumption in Hong Kong. Dr. Tso and his team have successfully developed a low cost high performance daytime passive radiative cooling paint that reflects almost all incident sunlight, and simultaneously emits thermal radiation strongly and selectively through an atmospheric transparency window to the cold universe.

Local news regarding the research work:
AM730: https://www.am730.com.hk/news/share/245824
Yahoo News: https://hk.mobi.yahoo.com/news/創新科技嘉年華年底網上舉行-城大將展出3項創新科技-085043000.html
EDigest: https://www.edigest.hk/article/212685/熱話/24小時實時整合測量數據-城大團隊研發ai地質監察系/

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