Dr. Edwin Tso on air at TVB Innovation GPS Programme to introduce the thermochromic smart window


Dr. Edwin Tso, Assistant Professor, was interviewed by TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) to showcase his innovation on thermochromic smart window. The interview was aired at Channel 85 TVB Finance & Information Channel – Innovation GPS, on 8 September 2021.

Hong Kong is a hot and humid city that consumes a large amount of energy for air conditioning systems. Passive radiative cooling technology was utilized, providing an electricity-free and refrigerant-free cooling strategy for building energy-saving. However, mitigating the unfavourable cooling in cold weather remains a challenge in this technology. To address this critical issue, Dr. Tso developed a game-changing thermochromic passive radiative cooling paint. This paint can automatically change its color subject to the ambient temperature and smartly regulate the cooling power generated for buildings.

In addition, due to the high window-to-wall ratio of the buildings in Hong Kong, the heat gain/loss via windows is also a major reason why are the air-conditioning systems so energy-consuming. Therefore, Dr. Tso and his group also developed a thermochromic smart window to smartly tune the indoor heat gain from solar, significantly reducing the building energy consumption and simultaneously maintaining excellent indoor thermal comfort.

TVB Innovation GPS thermochromic smart window