About Career Leadership Centre (CLC)

Career and Leadership Centre is dedicated to better preparing students to enhance their employability and to meet the challenges of a global workforce upon graduation. In addition to liaising with employers in providing job opportunities to graduates, the office provides consultation to students to enable them to systematically and continuously plan ahead in their career development. Individual career advisory services are also available to those students who need help in other areas such as job aptitude tests and personality or ability profiling. Aside from these core services, the office also provides a series of other services such as local and overseas internship opportunities; regular workshops and seminars, and individual career advising and consultation services for employability enhancement.

A virtual self-help centre is also available online to prepare students for navigating the confusing labyrinth of job-hunting, career preparation, and self development in the real world. Acting as a bridge, the virtual centre will also be the place where prospective employers can learn about their prospective employees and naturally, vice-versa.

It is the goal and mission of Career and Leadership Centre to perfect these services so that students whom we work with will be able to deploy fully what they have learnt in the university, to find suitable employment, and to serve the community at large.