Welcome to the CityU E-Career Success Fair 2020!

CityU Careers Festival is an institutional annual event which serves as a platform for students to deepen their understanding on employers’ expectations, gain job opportunities and keep abreast of the market trend from participating companies and their representatives. It also brings in prospective employers from the public and private sectors, NGOs and industry practitioners to introduce their industrial prospects, expectations to employees and entry qualifications. Due to Covid-19 pandemic and the experience of initiating the CityU “Career Month” held in May-June 2020, this year the CityU Careers Festival has been transformed into a month-long virtual event with more enhanced features - CityU E-Career Success Fair 2020, and will cover various online career preparation and development activities together with an online Job Expo!

Reasons of Joining CityU E-Career Success Fair 2020


The company logos are arranged in alphabetical order.


The company logos are arranged in alphabetical order.

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