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Method and Means for Identification of Animal Species
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This invention could provide a means in rapid species identification for mammalian species. The methodology able to validate and reinforce proper published labelling of food which contains meats. Those who are interested in developing/providing food ingredients/animal feed testing kits/services are the potential users.


The present invention relates to a method of making rapid identification of mammalian species by DNA analysis. The methodology uses proprietary DNA oligo-nucleotide sequences which can detect the presence of 5% or more of meat from animal species, namely, cow, pig, goat, horse, dog, cat and mouse.
These DNA sequences, which are specific to targeted species, are defined within specific gene. Several criteria, such as melting temperature, secondary structure is concerned during the process. Defined sequences will apply in DNA hybridization for species identification.


  • High accuracy
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy to carry out in standard laboratories


  • Validation of food labeling containing meat sources
  • Preparation of food labeling containing meat sources
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Method and Means for Identification of Animal Species


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