Glide Creato


Glide Creato is an AI-driven audience-engagement tool for micro-influencers and content creators to connect exclusively with their communities. They can interact and get close to their fans using our tool, while fans can support them and get exclusive rewards. We use AI models to conduct data analysis on content trends to enhance creator exposure and content quality.



Team members

Miss FUNG Yuk Oi* (Alumnus, School of Law, CityU)
Mr LAM Kwan Long (Alumnus, Dept. of Public Policy, CityU)
Mr TONG Ho Hei (The University of Hong Kong)
Mr KONG Chun Yin (The University of Hong Kong)
Mr LAI Chun Yin (Taiwan National Dong Hwa University)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)