Gestura provides a fast and dynamic finger-level gesture-recognition system using PPG optical sensing. Compared to camera/image-based or infrared Time-of-Flight (IR ToF) sensing, our system enables a more accurate, user-friendly gesture recognition. The system can be used for human-machine interfaces, such as remote robot control, in-car control, and AR/VR interaction control.

Our team is well equipped with electronic hardware manufacturers, signal processing experts, and machine learning programmers with more than 10 years of experience. Our patented device design and structure secure our first-mover advanced technology position and put us in the leading position in the gesture-recognition field.


Gesture recognition of thumb movement >>
Gesture recognition of fist movement >>
Gesture recognition of leg movement >>



Team members

Dr TANG Qingyuan* (Postdoc, Alumni, Department of Electrical Engineering, CityU)
Dr SUN Yang (PhD, Department of Computer Science, CityU)
Mr TANG Rongjun (Shenzhen University)

* Person-in-charge
(Info based on the team's application form)


1. HKSTP Ideation Incubatee 2021