Live Information Session on Taught Postgraduate Programmes for Prospective Mainland Students

Programme delegates met with prospective students for the College’s taught postgraduate programmes online, at a live information session held on 11 January 2023.

Moderated by Dr. Jingdong Luo (3rd from left), Programme Leader of MSc in Chemistry, the event had connected over 1,000 prospective students in the mainland. Dr. Liang Dai (2nd from right) and Dr. Qi Liu (1st from left), Programme Leader and Deputy Programme Leader of MSc in Applied Physics respectively; Dr. Jinfeng Xu (2nd from left), Programme Leader of MSc in Biostatistics; Dr. Heng Lian (3rd from right), Programme Leader of MSc in Financial Mathematics and Statistics, as well as Dr. Hongyan Sun (1st from right), Deputy Programme Leader of MSc in Chemistry provided mainland students with first-hand information on the curricula, unique features, admission tips and learning experience of the master’s programmes. The valuable experience in programme application, knowledge learning, research practice and living in Hong Kong shared by Miss Yitong Lin, a current student of MSc in Chemistry, was informative and useful.

Video recap of the event is now available. Seize the chance to apply for the programmes before the deadline.