C05: Nucleic Acid and CRISPR-Cas Therapeutics: from Bench to Bedside and Beyond (核酸和CRISPR-Cas療法 : 從實驗室到臨床以及更廣泛的應用) 

DNA and RNA are the blueprints for life. The ability to alter the expression, activity, and sequence of these hereditary molecules enables limitless possibilities in biology and medicine. In this lecture, we will highlight the recent advancement of nucleic acid and CRISPR-Cas therapeutics (e.g. antisense oligonucleotide, RNA interference, CRISPR-Cas) in basic and translational research. We will also present our views on the potentials of these great tools for further applications. 

Speaker: Prof. Chun Kit KWOK
Target Audience: Form 3 - 6
Duration: 45 - 60 minutes
Medium of Language: English

Registration: https://www.cityu.edu.hk/csci/local-school-outreach/popular-science-talks