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About the Department

The Department of Biostatistics is established on 1 July 2021. As the first of its kind in Hong Kong, the new department is uniquely positioned under the College of Science to achieve its vision of advancing health data science, as well as enhancing collaborations with existing experts in data science, public health and veterinary epidemiology to synergise interdisciplinary education and research across the University. 



  • To become a world-class environment for ground-breaking research on biostatistical methods; and 
  • To provide highly regarded educational programmes for training outstanding future biostatisticians


Strategic goals

  • Create a modern biostatistics curriculum with sufficient diversity to produce graduates with skill sets suited for a variety of career options (research, education, industry, and hybrids of these various positions);
  • Establish an outstanding biostatistics research environment which attracts innovative scientists working across a broad range of topic areas in the field;
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research endeavors that draw on essential strengths of CityU in the areas of biological science, veterinary medicine, engineering and data and computational science; and
  • Foster a dynamic intellectual environment which encourages the fearless pursuit of important biostatistical problems and seeks translational opportunities.



Position Name Email Phone
Head and Chair Professor Prof. Ian Wray MCKEAGUE Email address  
Executive Officer I Ms. Viola CHAN Email address 3442 6990
Clerical Officer I Ms. Iris SHUM Email address 3442 6459


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