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A New Chapter for Science at CityU

It is my great privilege to introduce the new College of Science at City University of Hong Kong, established on 1st January 2019.

The high-calibre reputation and accomplishment of what was previously the College of Science and Engineering is widely recognised.  With our vision to be a leader in physical sciences in the region, and the world, it was a natural progression for us to create this new College for Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.  With 70 dedicated faculty members, 300 postgraduate students and over 750 undergraduate students, the new College of Science may start small, but aim to achieve big.  Our focused programmes will have more room to grow and flourish, under the same dynamic energy that fuelled the College of Science and Engineering.

Even before the inauguration of the new College, its Departments have been leading their fields in research, teaching and collaborative projects.  Our Mathematics Department continuously ranks in the top 40 mathematics departments in the world.  The Physics Department is particularly strong in theory and computational physics research and has been instrumental in the development of the spallation neutron source facility in Dongguan, China. The Chemistry Department’s strength in design and synthesis of novel molecules and materials has also continued to push the frontiers of our knowledge and understanding.

Many of our esteemed faculty members in the new College will now have even greater flexibility to pursue and develop multi-disciplinary research projects with other Colleges within the University and outside.  To broaden our capabilities, we will be actively investing in new faculty members.  Their expertise will build on the College’s legacy, to become integral to its future.

The new College of Science offers both prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students a clearer, targeted trajectory into their areas of interest. Our joint-degree programs with world famous universities, such as Columbia University, and summer internship and exchange opportunities in various parts of the world aim to broaden their horizons. Through strong networks with alumni and industries that offer mentorship and career paths for our students, we strive to expand and develop our students’ potential and cultivate their leadership and entrepreneurial spirit.

Science is a long-term investment.  Reaching our goal of being a leading College of Science in the world will require a foundation of partnership, vision and dedication.  If my own experience as a mathematician has taught me anything, it is that problem-solving is a beautiful endeavour—and that the smallest beginnings can often lead to infinite possibilities that cumulate into an amazing accomplishment.

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that we begin this new journey.  Powered by the dedication of our faculty, supporting staff and of course, our students, I look forward to formulating and setting our strategic plan in motion.  Together, we will generate the velocity we need to shape the future of the College of Science, CityU, and the world itself.

Raymond Chan
Dean, College of Science
Chair Professor of Mathematics