Computer Courses for Staff in January 2020

The Computing Services Centre (CSC) is pleased to present herewith a list of computer training courses for the month of January 2020.

Course Date Course Title Suggested LinkedIn Learning Course
03 Jan 2020 Google AdWords Essentials Google Ads (AdWords) Essential Training
06 Jan 2020 Microsoft Excel 2019 - Advanced Excel 2019 Essential Training
07 Jan 2020 Solving Common PC Problems Troubleshooting Common PC Issues for Users
08 Jan 2020 Using Excel Functions Effectively Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions
09 Jan 2020 Office Collaboration with Google Drives & Google Form Google Drive Essential Training
Google Forms Essential Training

Should you be interested, please register through AIMS.  For details of the application procedures and admission guidelines, please visit the CSC Web. Alternatively, you may access similar LinkedIn Learning courses anytime and anywhere by logging into your CityU LinkedIn Learning account.

Beware of Scam Email

The Information Security Unit of Office of the Chief Information Officer reminds you to be on the alert when responding to suspicious emails.

  • Be wary of any unsolicited email offers or requests.
  • Any online offer that appears too good to be true is likely an attempt to scam you.
  • If you receive a message from a friend or colleague asking for money, always confirm its authenticity via a different communication channel.
  • Be highly suspicious of any requests to disclose your passwords or personal information.
  • Do not let yourself be intimidated into rash actions by online threats. Scammers are often pushy as time is not on their side.

Keep in mind that most online scams are well documented and can easily be recognized via an Internet search.  If in doubt, verify!

You may also visit 'Fight Scams Together' - an integrated platform of the Hong Kong Police for more information:

Report Suspicious Malicious Software AT ONCE to Help Stop the Spread

Malicious software (including computer viruses and ransomware), like a chameleon, is good at disguise. Hidden behind a harmless looking email or webpage, it will attack your PC or mobile device once you fall prey to it. Unfortunately, users sometimes hesitate to seek help when they suspect their PCs to be compromised. And while they consider what to do next, their PCs may already infect others, or open up a “backdoor” for hackers to target other computers on the network. The result can be disastrous. Hence, if you suspect your PC to be hacked or infected, please report the incident AT ONCE to the CSC Help Desk at 3442 7658 or to (with full email header). You can help yourself, keep the University safe, and possibly even allow us to catch a hacker in the act.

Please refer to ”Safe IT at CityU” on best practice for staying on-line.


New CSC Service Desk (formerly CSC Help Desk and CSC Service Counter)

In order to provide better IT support to the CityU community, the former CSC Help Desk and CSC Service Counter are merged to become the CSC Service Desk with immediate effect.  The Service Desk provides advice and support to both staff and students on centrally-managed IT services, and may also assist staff to track the status of previous IT incidents and CSC work requests.  Staff and students may visit the CSC Service Desk in person, or contact them via the hotline or the email.  Contact details and service hours are summarized below: 

Location: 4/F of LI Building (same as the former CSC Service Counter)
Service Hours: 08:30 - 21:30 (Mon - Fri)
09:00 - 17:00 (Sat - Sun)
Closed (Public Holidays)
Enquiry Hotline: 3442 8340
Support Email:

 We look forward to continuing to provide efficient services for your IT enquiries.


Reminder: Removal of Microsoft Windows 7 Option in Central Teaching Venues

In the light of the end of support from Microsoft (MS), the Windows 7 environment will no longer be available in the central teaching venues starting from Semester A 2019/2020. 

Please note the following which may require your actions: 

  1. After the removal of Windows 7, Windows 10 running in 64-bit will be the only operating system.  Consequently, there will be no more boot-up menu for selecting operating systems, which should shorten the time required for booting.  Staff who wish to use other operating systems in these venues should bring their own devices and connect them to the auxiliary input for projection to screen.
  2. Teaching staff are requested to review the software they will use for teaching in 2019/2020.  For legacy software versions which cannot be installed on Windows 10, please be reminded to provide the updated version to CSC for installation on the Windows 10 environment.  The updated version should be compatible with Windows 10 (64-bit) installed with Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Office 2019 and Visual Studio 2017.
  3. To install software for use in 2019/2020 in the central teaching venues (CSC teaching studios, lecture theatres and classrooms), please raise a CSC Work Request at least 7 working days prior to use.

If you have any queries, please contact us via email at or CSC Help Desk at ext.7658.


CityU Mobile v2 is Released

CityU Mobile v2
CityU Mobile v2
CityU Mobile v2
CityU Mobile v2