Beware of Scam Email

The Information Security Unit of Office of the Chief Information Officer reminds you to be on the alert when responding to suspicious emails.

  • Be wary of any unsolicited email offers or requests.
  • Any online offer that appears too good to be true is likely an attempt to scam you.
  • If you receive a message from a friend or colleague asking for money, always confirm its authenticity via a different communication channel.
  • Be highly suspicious of any requests to disclose your passwords or personal information.
  • Do not let yourself be intimidated into rash actions by online threats. Scammers are often pushy as time is not on their side.

Keep in mind that most online scams are well documented and can easily be recognized via an Internet search.  If in doubt, verify!

You may also visit 'Fight Scams Together' - an integrated platform of the Hong Kong Police for more information:

Report Suspicious Malicious Software AT ONCE to Help Stop the Spread

Malicious software (including computer viruses and ransomware), like a chameleon, is good at disguise. Hidden behind a harmless looking email or webpage, it will attack your PC or mobile device once you fall prey to it. Unfortunately, users sometimes hesitate to seek help when they suspect their PCs to be compromised. And while they consider what to do next, their PCs may already infect others, or open up a “backdoor” for hackers to target other computers on the network. The result can be disastrous. Hence, if you suspect your PC to be hacked or infected, please report the incident AT ONCE to the CSC Help Desk at 3442 7658 or to (with full email header). You can help yourself, keep the University safe, and possibly even allow us to catch a hacker in the act.

Please refer to ”Safe IT at CityU” on best practice for staying on-line.


Workshop on “App Modernization Journey: Build, Deploy and Scale Containerized Applications on Cloud”

We are pleased to announce that the Microsoft Container Workshop on “App Modernization Journey: Build, Deploy and Scale Containerized Applications on Cloud” will be held on Tuesday 26 Feb 2019 at 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. in LAU-8-210

Companies today start looking at a microservice approach to build or refactor their applications, along with the emergence of containers, hoping to fasten their application development lifecycle, enhance the mobility / scalability of the application and to utilize the computing resources they have.

The workshop aims at providing a clear picture on how containers foster the adoption of microservices, and how cloud provides convenience to developers to orchestrate the containers with Azure Kubernetes Service, or hosting the containers with serverless model, Azure Container Instance, that requires from users the least overhead configuration. Please find below details of the workshop. You can apply via AIMS -> Staff Services -> Staff Development -> On-line Application for this In-house Staff Development Course.


Mr. Samson Lee, Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited


  • Trend to Microservices & Understanding Containers
  • Build & Deploy a Containerized Application to Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Build & Deploy a Containerized Application to Azure Container Instance
  • Scaling Applications as Containers
  • Architecture Reference with the use of Container, PaaS and Serverless Services on Cloud
  • Q&A

Equipment set up
Please install the following tools in advance on your own notebook and bring it to the class:  

Should you have any queries about the workshop, please feel free to contact CSC’s User Services (US) at ext: 6280 or send an email to


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