Research Projects

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF)/ Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects 2023-2024

  Project Title Project Investigator
1 Robustness Margins by PID Control: Towards an Explainable Theory Prof. Jie CHEN
2 Efficient Virtual Data Center Embedding for Disaggregated Data Centers Prof. Moshe ZUKERMAN
3 Distributed fixed-time converging Nash equilibrium seeking for non-cooperative games over multi-agent networks and applications Prof. Gary FENG
4 Distributed Optimal Self-Deployment Control of Multiple Dynamic Systems subject to Various Uncertainties and Communication Constraints Prof. Lu LIU
5 A Small Rotorcraft Capable of Continuous Monopedal Hopping Prof. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON
6 In vivo cell engineering by one-shot microarrayed electroporation for enhanced cancer immunotherapy Prof. Peng SHI
7 Computing Nash Equilibria, Subgame Perfect Equilibria, Sequential Equilibria, and Perfect Bayesian Equilibria in Extensive-Form Games Prof. Chuang Yin DANG
8 Thin, soft, skin-integrated olfactory interface Prof. Xinge YU
9 Distributed mirror descent algorithm over multi-agent networks with imperfect communication Prof. Daniel W. C. HO
10 A novel automated and high-throughput microfluidic cell fusion system based on cell-microstructure interactions under microflows Prof. Raymond H. W. LAM
11 Energy-saving robust control of nonlinear suspension systems via exploiting beneficial nonlinearities, state-coupling and disturbance simultaneously Prof. Xingjian JING

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF)/Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects 2022-2023

  Project Title Project Investigator
1 Distributed optimal coordination of multiple dynamical systems under practical constraints and its applications Prof. Lu LIU
2 Performance and Robustness of Multi‐Agent Control Systems Prof. Jie CHEN
3 Development of a rotating gradient‐based magnetic drive system for microagent controls in targeted therapy Prof. Dong SUN
4 Internet Cable Path Planning ‐ Overcoming Challenges of Excess Data Availability or Missing Ground Motion Data Prof. Moshe ZUKERMAN
5 Closed‐loop Hydrogel Electronics for Intelligent Neurotreatment Prof. Peng SHI
6 Event‐Based 3D Human Pose Estimation and Tracking Prof. Y. F. LI
7 Wireless headmount photoacoustic tomography of the brain in free-moving animals Prof. Lidai WANG
8 Intelligent skin‐integrated haptic interface with multiple feedback modes Prof. Xinge YU
9 Development of A New Microrobotic System for Cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells Prof. Jun LIU
10 Tensegrigami: Origami‐Inspired Functional Resilient Structures for Aerial Robots Prof. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON