Research Projects

List of Successful General Research Fund (GRF)/ Early Career Scheme (ECS) Projects 2020-2021

  Project Title Project Investigator
1 Engineering functional skeletal muscle sheets for bionic applications Dr. Cecil CHEN
2 A Mean-Square Analysis and Design Framework for Networked Control: Correlated Stochastic Multiplicative Uncertainties Prof. Jie CHEN
3 RRR2: Reconfigurable RevolvingWing Robot with Modular MultiLocomotion Dr. Pakpong CHIRARATTANANON
4 Differentiable Path-Following Methods to Compute Stationary Equilibria, Perfect Stationary Equilibria and Proper Stationary Equilibria in Robust Stochastic Games Prof. Chuangyin DANG
5 Cooperative control of networked multiple dynamical systems with unbounded transmission delays and its application Prof. Gary FENG
6 Automation of a Viscoelasticity Microcytometer for HighThroughput Biomechanical Phenotyping of Floating Cancer Cells Dr. Raymond LAM
7 A Microfluidic Pervaporation Device for Fabrication of Nanoparticle-based Metalens for Dry Environment Super-resolution Imaging Prof. Wen Jung LI
8 Gaze Tracking and its Integration with Human-Robot Cooperation Prof. Youfu LI
9 Intracellular Biopsy based microRNA Profiling for Dissecting the Temporal Dynamics of Cellular Heterogeneity Prof. Peng SHI
10 Microrobotic System for HighPrecise Micro Helical Structure Fabrication Dr. Yajing SHEN
11 Investigation of an excitatory nucleo-pontine-cortical feedback pathway in cerebellum-mediated associative motor learning Dr. Chung TIN
12 Development of fast-scanning hyperspectral optical-resolution photoacoustic microscopy Dr. Lidai WANG
13 Developing transistor-like water energy generator with high peak power density and high durability Prof. Zuankai WANG