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No. 99 6 November 2007


Nobel laureates deliver lectures
Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, a 1997 Nobel Laureate in Physics will visit the University from 3V16 November to discuss the development of methods to cool and trap atoms using laser light, the area of research for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize. He will receive an Honorary Degree from CityU during the University's Congregation on 8 November. His latest visit to the campus follows the successful France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series lecture by Professor Jean-Marie Lehn on 30 October, in which the winner of the 1987 Nobel Prize for Chemistry treated a full-house audience of almost 200 people to an illuminating journey into the world of supra-molecular chemistry.

Senior appointment
Professor Alex Kwan Yui-huen has been appointed Head of the Department of Applied Social Studies for a term of office from 1 November 2007 to 31 July 2010. Professor Kwan received his MA from University of North Dakota, USA and MSW from University of British Columbia, Canada and PhD from Louisiana State University, USA.?He joined our University in 1984 and has served as Acting Head in the Department of Applied Social Studies since 2006.

Launch of Six General Education courses in Semester B 2007V08
General Education (GE) courses formed an integral part of the University's curriculum structure of the normative 4-year degree. The Senate, at its meeting on 23 October, approved the course proposals of six GE courses, the arrangements for implementing the GE courses and the phasing out of the Out-of-Discipline (OOD) courses starting Semester B 2007V08, with 2011V12 being the target date for the phasing out of all OOD courses. The six GE courses which will be on offer starting Semester B 2007-08 are: Information Management and its Social Impact; Identity and Citizenship in a Globalised World ; Rational Thinking and Creative Ideas; Science and Technology: From Past to Future; Cinema: East and West; and Chinese Cultural Heritage in Modern Perspective.

Long Service Award Ceremony
The Human Resources Office organised the Long Service Award Ceremony 2007 on 31 October, to honour those staff members who had served for 10, 15 and 20 years by University Day (22 October) for their dedicated service and contributions. Among the 187 awarded staff members, 33 of them have served the University for 20 years.


EE receives donation of virtual instrumentation systems
The Department of Electronic Engineering has received a donation of 30 virtual instrumentation system sets, amounting to a value of $200,000, from National Instruments. The system, known as LabVIEW, is a graphical development environment used for data acquisition, instrument control and industrial automation. The system will be used to support teaching and creates an advanced learning environment to nurture future engineers.

Choir goes on tour
CityU Choir's Bi-Annual Performance takes place on 13 November, 7.30pm, at the Wei Hing Theatre. Three choir teams, CityU Choir (students); SA Choir (staff); Alumni Choir (alumni), will take part. Prof Lillian Vrijmoed Kwan Lee-ping, Dean of Student Learning, will lead a team comprising selected members from the three choirs to take part in the Busan Choral Festival and Competition (departing 31 Oct and returning 4 Nov). The team will also perform in some of the concerts in Korea. This is the first time a CityU choir has taken part in an international contest.


Masterpieces of Hon Chi-fun
"Conceptual Feeling Beyond Images X The Works of Hon Chi-fun", an exhibition of more than 30 paintings created by Mr Hon Chi-fun in the past half century, is showing at the CityU Gallery until 9 December. Mr Hon, a Hong Kong native, is one of the most important artists in Hong Kong's history. His career, style and achievements are testimony to the movement towards modernity in local art, and a symbol of the distinctive identity and spirit of Hong Kong culture.

Rowers represent University
Two teams from the Rowing Club of Students' Union won the first and second places in the U23 coxed four (4+) competition at the Hong Kong Youth Rowing Championships 2007. Participating teams are comprised of students from local secondary schools and universities.


Record-breaking sports day
The 14th Athletic Meet was held at the Joint Sports Centre at Renfrew Road on 7 October. The event saw around 200 hundred participants, including students, staff and children, take part in athletics disciplines ranging from track races to field events such as pole vault, shot put, long jump and high jump. Six Sports Day records were broken during the fun-filled day.


External appointment
Mr Chan Wai-to, Senior Lecturer of the Division of Social Studies, has been appointed a member of the Lotteries Fund Advisory Committee for a term of two years.


Professor (Chair) Ron Chen Guanrong, of the Department of Electronic Engineering, received an honorary professorship from Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina on 22 October 2007. The conferment recognises his contributions to science and his efforts in training good researchers and technical staff at the university.

PhD student Mr Duan Renjun from the Department of Mathematics clinched the renowned Zhong Jiaqing Mathematics Award, one of the top three awards in the mathematics profession in China, at the Chinese Mathematics Society's Tenth National Conference. Mr Duan is one of the eight recipients this year and the only young scholar from Hong Kong to win such an award.

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