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No. 98 16 October 2007


2007 Congregation
This year around 10,000 awards, ranging from associate degrees to PhDs, will be conferred on CityU students. The 2007 Congregation will be held from 6 to 15 November in Chan Tai Ho Multi-purpose Hall, while the ceremony for the honorary doctoral degrees will take place on 8 November. Four distinguished persons will receive the honorary doctoral degrees this year, including Dr Chan Sui-kau, founder and Executive Chairman of Yangtzekiang Garment; Nobel laureate Professor Claude Cohen-Tannoudji; Ms Elizabeth Wang Ming-chun, an acclaimed artist; and Sir Gordon Wu Ying-sheung, Chairman of Hopewell Holdings and former Council Chairman of CityU, in recognition of their significant contributions to education, learning and the well-being of society.


Eminent speakers lecture series
Chemistry Nobel laureate Jean-Marie Lehn will be delivering a lecture titled "From Matter to Life: Chemistry? Chemistry!" in the Multi-media Conference Room on 30 October. This is part of the France-Hong Kong Distinguished Lecture Series, which is a programme of high-profile lectures under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences. The talk represents a special chance to hear the 1987 Nobel Chemistry Prize winner expand upon the realm of chemistry where the inanimate meets the living. Professor Lehn will also be delivering lectures on 30 October and 31 October on Supramolecular Chemistry in the Department of Biology and Chemistry.


Language Companion Course
The seminar "Language Companion Course — An innovative approach to enhance students' English writing skills" (LCC) was organised by the Offices of the Dean of Student Learning (DSL) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) on 10 October 2007. It reported the latest developments of LCC, one of the initiatives taken by the University to help students master English. LCC provides online English tutors who comment on students?course work before they submit it to their teachers. The pre-pilot stage commenced in semester B 2006?7 and will advance to pilot status next semester. The University plans to include 10 to 15 courses in the pilot scheme and is now inviting subject teachers to join LCC. For interested teaching staff, please contact the offices of DSL or CIO directly.

A+++ Scholarship Scheme Presentation Ceremony
The A+++ Scholarship Scheme Presentation Ceremony will take place on 24 October. The purpose of A+++ Scholarship Scheme is to reward those students admitted to the University in 2007?8 who have achieved outstanding academic and sporting results. On offer are entrance, student exchange and residence scholarships.

Law collaboration
The School of Law has launched the Global Legal Education and Awareness Programme (G-LEAP), the first of its kind involving a Hong Kong law school. It will enable CityU law students to spend a month studying at the Faculty of Law, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. The programme will commence in June 2008 and is expected to involve 50 CityU students every year. One of the objectives of G-LEAP is to instil a sense of global understanding among law students that will benefit them in their professional careers.

China Hi-Tech Fair
The 9th China Hi-Tech Fair is being held from 12 October to 17 October at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre. Fifteen applied research projects from the Department of Physics and Materials Science, the Department of Biology and Chemistry, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Electronic Engineering and the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management of CityU are showcased during the exhibition. This is one of the largest and most influential science and technology fairs in China. It has attracted delegations from 30 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Italy and Russia and more than 40 famous multinationals including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Siemens, British Telecommunications, Ericsson, Philips, SAP, Sony, Samsung et al.


External appointment
The Research Council of the Government's Food and Health Bureau has appointed Professor Michael Yang, Department of Biology and Chemistry, to its Grant Review Board (GRB) for the Health Services Research Fund and the Research Fund for the Control of Infectious Diseases. Professor Yang has accepted a two-year term with the GRB and will be instrumental in evaluating the research proposals received by the two research funds. The GRB also provides scientific support for the research projects of the Health Care and Promotion Fund and the aforementioned Health Services Research Fund.


Two graduates in Bachelors of Arts (Hons) in Chinese from the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, Mr Chong Tat-shing (2004 graduate) and Ms Wan Kit-yin (2005), who teach at QualiEd College and the Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School respectively, received commendation certificates in the 12th Teachers' Commendation Scheme. Organised by the Committee on Respect Our Teachers Campaign, it promotes the respect of teachers and care of students. The commendation scheme awarded 1,400 teachers for their outstanding professional performance this year.

Year 2 students from the Faculty of Business have dominated the Young Leadership Development Programme organised by the AIA Foundation this year. Five students claimed three of the four major awards up for grabs, outperforming all other participating local institutions. Louis Ching Ka-kit, Eman Lam Yi-man, Joe Kwok Lai-yi, Marco Ng Yiu-fung and Candy Tse Fung-ling were chosen to join the programme after a careful selection process and interviews at the beginning of the year.


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