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No. 83 5 March 2007


The Search for the President
The Search Committee for the President has met to discuss the final arrangements for a group of students and staff members to meet with the final short-listed candidates. The Committee re-confirmed its earlier decision not to hold an open forum. However, the Committee believed that it could increase the number of participants to meet the candidates to involve a greater number of staff and students in the exercise. Therefore, it was decided to combine the separate groups of staff and students into one, meet separately with each candidate and expand membership. This arrangement requires additional planning, so the Committee decided, with the agreement of the final short-listed candidates, to postpone the meetings to 6th March. This will enable the Council Secretariat time to contact the individuals concerned and provide time for those included in the group to prepare.

In addition, the Committee has decided to hold its final meeting and the associated Council Meeting on a separate day, after the meetings of the group with the candidates, to enable the views of the group to be studied fully before a final recommendation is put to the Council.


Convocation inauguration and naming ceremony
A ceremony will be held on 13 March to celebrate the establishment of the Convocation and show CityU's appreciation of alumni contributions to the University over the years. This event will include the inauguration of the Convocation following its formal establishment on 1 January 2007, and the naming of Student Residence Hall 3 as the Alumni Civility Hall.


CityU Badminton Competition 2007
Badminton is one of the most popular games in Hong Kong, offering all age groups an enjoyable communal work out. Since it started in 2002, the annual CityU Badminton Competition, organized by the Human Resources Office and Student Development Services (PE Section), has seen a huge increase in the number of participants, including staff, students and alumni. Each year the aims are to encourage members of the University community to participate in sports activities to acquire physical and mental well-being, and to provide an opportunity for staff, students and alumni to get together to have fun. To make the event even more competitive, this year sees the introduction of the Departmental Men's Team and Departmental Women's Team competitions. The deadline for entry for all events is 9 March and the tournament takes place from 24 to 31 March.

Scholarships and Prizes
Scholarships and prizes play a major role in encouraging students to achieve their learning goals while at the University, eventually assisting them in their quest for a professional career after graduation. On 15 March, a ceremony will be held for the presentation of certificates of scholarships and prizes. Professor H K Chang, University President, will give the opening address at the second session, while Professor David Tong Shuk-yin, Deputy President, will address the first.


4th Hong Kong Joint Primary School Mathematics Competition
CityU is proactive in reaching out to the secondary and primary sectors through community-oriented activities. The 4th Hong Kong Joint Primary School Mathematics Competition held recently and jointly organized by CityU, the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education and secondary schools from 18 districts in Hong Kong exemplifies this dedication to developing stronger links with local secondary and primary schools. The competition was the largest mathematics contest of its kind in Hong Kong, with about 4,000 students from 407 primary schools taking part. A prize presentation was held on 3 March.

Inter-hall Photography Competition
The Students Halls of Residence encourage inter-hall competition to build up team spirit and a sense of belonging to the University. The Inter-hall Photography Competition 2006-07, which has as its theme "Eyes on Res", allows emerging photographers a chance to capture their own interpretation of residence life at CityU and share their unique insights. The pictures submitted to the competition will be on display in the Purple Zone, 4/F, Academic Building from 1 to 9 March.


New book on Chinese tea launched
Professor Cheng Pei-kai of the Chinese Civilisation Centre will be launching The Complete Annotated Collection of Chinese Tea Books which he co-edited with Professor Zhu Zizhen from Nanjing Agricultural University. The book is a compilation of 114 Chinese tea books from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) to Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The book will be launched on 15 March at Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware (inside Hong Kong Park). Preceding this will be a symposium on tea and Chinese culture from 13 to 14 March at CityU with 20 guest speakers from the region.


CityU Choir performs musical in Guangzhou
CityU endeavours to promote cultural exchange between Hong Kong and mainland universities, the reason behind City University Choir's presentation of the musical A Wide Wide World Out There at the South China University of Technology from 15 to 18 of March. The show embodies the fortitude and passion of former CityU student Dzi Mou who fought leukaemia all his life and died after contracting HIV through a blood transfusion.


Two Year 2 students have won 2nd runners-up in the Business Administration Paper 2006 competition organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Business Students. They are
Tam Shing-tak, from the Department of Economics and Finance, and Tsai Chi-wai, from the Division of Commerce in the Community College of CityU. Their paper, titled "A New Business Model for Hong Kong's Health Care", was selected from over 100 entries.


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