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No. 65 5 June 2006


CityU launches "A+++ Scholarship" Schemes
CityU is spearheading a drive to reward outstanding students applying to the University for 2006-2007, a move that reflects the University's commitment to providing a professional education, a holistic learning experience and an internationalized campus community. In a bid to nurture high-calibre students with the potential to make an impact on society in the future, the University is offering entrance scholarships, student exchange scholarships and residence scholarships to the very best applicants through the "A+++ Scholarship" Schemes. The Schemes are open to all students applying to CityU's bachelor's degree programmes through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System. Students with outstanding academic results will be offered an entrance scholarship and a student exchange scholarship, and those with outstanding performances in sport will be offered a residence scholarship.


Second call for Teaching Development Grant proposals
The focus of the second call for Teaching Development Grant (TDG) proposals is to provide a mechanism to encourage the development of innovative and effective teaching and learning practices that can be institutionalized upon completion. The key criterion for the allocation of funds is that projects should produce demonstrable and direct teaching and learning benefits which are aligned with the University's strategic goals for education, especially in support of CityU's overall goal to add value to our students in our plan to moving from a 3-year to a 4-year curriculum. A TDG proposal should incorporate innovative ideas or methodology; identify outcomes which have a clear impact on student learning; demonstrate benefits that can be institutionalised or perpetuated upon completion; and incorporate constructive evaluation of the project.

The response to the first call for Teaching Development Grant proposals in December 2005 was very encouraging. A total of 37 applications, comprising 12 institutional and 25 individual proposals, were received. Altogether 20 projects have been supported with a total amount of HK$8.7 million. All full-time staff, including teaching fellows and instructors, are invited to submit proposals for the second round. Up to HK$200,000 will be given to each individual project and HK$2.5 millions to each institutional project. The deadline for submission is 7 July.


International conference on youth empowerment
In keeping with the University's drive to make CityU a centre for youth studies within the region, the Department of Applied Social Studies (SS) is organizing the second International Conference on Youth Empowerment, to be held from 5 June to 8 June. The theme is "Empowering Youth through Volunteerism" and the Conference is expected to attract more than 400 scholars, youth delegates and youth workers from Hong Kong, the mainland and overseas. At the Conference, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the latest youth development issues and trends affecting the region within an international context. Officiating guests of the Conference include Mrs Carrie Lam, Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, HKSAR Government; Professor David Tong, Deputy President; Professor Ian Holliday, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; Professor Ng Sik-hung, Head of SS; and Dr Elaine Au, Conference Convenor and Associate Professor of SS. The Conference will close with a celebration of the cultural diversity among the international delegates attending the Conference at the Cultural Night on 8 June.

International symposium on governance
The Governance in Asia Research Centre at CityU is playing an increasingly vibrant role as a hub for studying modern governance and international relations. From 9 to 10 June, the Centre will bring together scholars in History, Global Studies, Philosophy, Law, Politics, Public Management, Public Policy and International Relations from around the world to explore and study effective ways to achieve and maintain social harmony without compromising justice, caring and trust in society at an International Symposium entitled "Governance for Harmony: Linking Visions". Professor Bert Rockman, Head of the Department of Political Science at Purdue University and an expert on bureaucracy and political leadership, will be the keynote speaker, and Professor Ian Holliday, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at CityU, will deliver the opening remarks.

Band A JUPAS applications
Applications through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) for 2006-2007 reveal that the bachelor's degree programmes at CityU with the highest number of Band A choices (i.e. programmes placed in the top three by applicants) are BSocSc (Hons) Social Work; BBA (Hons) Marketing; BBA (Hons) Information Systems; BA (Hons) Creative Media; and BBA (Hons) Accountancy.


Smart Ambience Therapy exhibition
SAT is a pioneering application of interactive media and virtual reality technology in art therapy, particularly for the psychotherapy of children who have been physically or emotionally abused. It has been developed by a team of art therapists and experts in interactive multimedia technology at the AIMtech Centre, one of the Applied Strategic Development Centres at CityU. There will be an exhibition entitled "Smart Ambience Therapy: Face the fear, build the future" for the benefit of potential collaborators and the general public from 14 to 25 June at CityU Gallery.


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