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No. 64 15 May 2006


Titles of headships
The Management Board approved on 12 May a recommendation to clarify headship titles for the various academic and administrative units. The headship positions are as follows: academic departments will be 'Head'; teaching centres and research centres will be 'Director'; administrative offices will be 'Director'. Under the new system, most headship titles will remain the same. The title of the Librarian remains unchanged, following the practice of many internationally-renowned universities, and the Enterprise Solutions Unit will be renamed Enterprise Solutions Office and Internal Audit Unit becomes Internal Audit Office. Several Heads of administrative offices will be re-titled 'Director': Director (Academic Regulations and Records Office); Director (Admissions Office); Director (Research Grants Office); Director (Enterprise Solutions Office); and Director (Internal Audit Office).


Monthly studentship rate
The Management Board has agreed to maintain the monthly studentship rate for 2006¡V2007 at $12,860, the same as that of 2005¡V2006.


First Distinguished Fellowships
The Distinguished Fellow Scheme has been set up to confer the title of "Distinguished Fellow" on outstanding entrepreneurs, industrialists and professionals, based on the recommendations of faculties and departments at CityU. The University conferred its first Distinguished Fellowships on two outstanding industrialists, Professor K B Chan and Mr Raymond Leung, on 12 May in recognition of their significant contributions and support to the University and the education sector. Professor Chan is Chairman and Managing Director of Surface Mount Technology (Holdings) Limited and has a long and distinguished record of public service. Mr Leung is Chairman and CEO of TDK China Co. Ltd and Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Committee (Industry) for Co-operative Education Centre, and the Chairman of Industrial Consortium in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). FSE recommended the conferment of Professor Chan and Mr Leung, and the Senate approved the recommendations.

Commitment to e-learning
The University¡¦s commitment to e-learning is further underscored with the organizing of the "2006 E-learning Forum" which gathers together key participants to examine issues relevant to the Greater China region. These include infrastructure support in matters such as Chinese language matters and change management that affect institutional deployment of e-learning. Sessions include a forum on e-learning strategy and pedagogy; a workshop on Chinese language support; and a roundtable discussion with an executive panel on institutional support for e-learning. The Forum will be held from 19 May to 20 May.

TUC Forum themes
The Teachers Update Course (TUC) 2006 addresses curricula changes planned for both secondary schools and universities in Hong Kong under the title "Linking Students to the World in the 21st Century". At the Forum, to be conducted in Cantonese, the officiating guest Dr K K Chan, Principal Assistant Secretary (Curriculum Development) of the Education and Manpower Bureau, will give a talk entitled "Connecting our Students to the World¡XOpportunities provided by the New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education". CityU speaker Dr David Chan, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Studies, will speak about "Higher Education in Hong Kong¡XChallenges and Opportunities in the Era of Globalisation". The TUC Opening Ceremony cum Forum takes place on 18 May.

Informations security and management forum
Information security and management forum Issues surrounding information security and management are topics that greatly interest the general public following high-profile stories in the media. Three speakers from CityU will address this forum on issues pertaining to "Advances in Information Security and Management" at the next Technology Transfer Forum. Dr L M Cheng, Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, and Dr Liu Wenyin, Assistant Professor, and Dr Kwok Lam-for, Associate Professor, both in the Department of Computer Science, will cover crucial issues such as smartcard technology, information security, anti-phishing, i.e. ways to help prevent Internet scams and fraud. The forum, organized by the Technology Transfer Office, takes place on 18 May.

Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Awards
The Facilities Management Office at CityU was granted the Merit Award under the ¡¥Tertiary Institutions' sub-category and the Pioneer Award under the 'School', sub-category in the Hong Kong Energy Efficiency Awards, organized by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HKSAR. The facilities of the University involved in the assessment for the Awards included the Academic Building, Mong Man-wai Building, Fong Yun-wah Building, Cheng Yick-chi Building, Amenities Building and Sports Complex. The awards presentation ceremony was held on 9 May 2006 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Head of Department of Asian and International Studies
Dr Graeme Lang has been appointed as Head of Department of Asian and International Studies for a term of office from 1 July 2006 to 31 July 2009.


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