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No. 63 2 May 2006


Shenzhen Outpost
CityU's Shenzhen Outpost received three major boosts towards the end of April, bringing the project closer to fulfilment. The Shenzhen Municipal People's Government offered its official approval for the project, while Aedas, the firm of architects contracted to design the Outpost, sent the University the first of its schematic designs. The additional news is that the first tender for the project, which is the site investigation, has been received and falls well within budget. The 12,500 square metre Outpost, to be located in the Shenzhen Virtual University Science Park, will be a base for CityU's applied research, incubation and teaching activities on the mainland and signifies the University's contribution to advancing the economic development of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta through R & D and quality education services.


2006 E-learning Forum
E-learning is the primary focus of the University's Information Services Strategic Plan 2005íV2010 and one of the key developments is the adoption of a unified e-learning platform for the whole University. Progress is going well: at the end of Semester B 2005íV2006, 55% of CityU courses are disseminated via the Blackboard Academic Suite, enabling the University to provide a more evidence-driven approach to student progress. In order to further develop e-learning, the 2006 E-learning Forum will gather together key participants to examine issues relevant to specific institutions in the Greater China region. These include infrastructure support in matters such as Chinese language matters and change management that affect institutional deployment of e-learning. There are three main sessions: one on e-learning strategy and pedagogy; a workshop on Chinese language support; and a roundtable discussion with an executive panel on institutional support for e-learning. The forum will be held 19 to 20 May.


TUC Opening Ceremony cum Forum
The University is organizing a special forum entitled "Linking Students to the World in 21st Century" in anticipation of the annual Teachers Update Course (TUC) in which secondary school principals and CityU staff will have the opportunity to discuss common goals in light of the curricula changes planned for both secondary and tertiary education in Hong Kong. The talks at the forum will focus on issues such as connecting students to the world, opportunities provided by the new academic structure for senior secondary education, higher education in Hong Kong and the challenges and opportunities presented in the era of globalization. The forum will be chaired by Professor Richard Ho, CityU Vice-President (Undergraduate Education), and the officiating guest will be Dr K K Chan, Principal Assistant Secretary, Curriculum Development Institute, Education and Manpower Bureau. The event will take place from 9:00am to 12:30pm, 18 May, in the Multi-media Conference Room in the Cheng Yick-chi Building.


Teaching Excellence Awards 2005íV2006
In order to maintain the highest possible standards and to reward members of staff for the quality of their teaching, the University holds the Teaching Excellence Awards (TEA) each year. This year the Selection Panel, appointed by the Quality Assurance Committee, concluded a rigorous selection exercise for the 2005íV2006 TEA with the announcement that the winners are Ms Wisteria Cheung Yuen-yi, Instructor in the Department of Marketing; Ms Julia Han Ji Yeon, Instructor in the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics; Dr Ron Kwok Chi-wai, Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems; and Dr Sun Hongyi, Associate Professor in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management. The Awards will be presented at the Congregation in November 2006 and the winners' names will be added to the permanently displayed register in the main entrance to the University's Academic Building.

Information Security Forum
Information security and management are both crucial issues today, and the next Technology Transfer Forum will address the latest research in this field, covering smartcard technology, information security and anti-phishing, i.e. ways to help prevent Internet scams and fraud. The speakers at the forum will be Dr Cheng Lee-ming, Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering; Dr Liu Wenyin and Dr Kwok Lam-for, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, respectively. The forum, entitled "Advances in information security and management", will take place on 18 May.

Outstanding Academic Papers by Students
Selected academic papers by CityU students have been included in the newly launched OAPS scheme and added to CityU's Institutional Repository for online access. The aim of OAPS is to promote good academic work by students and encourage quality research.

External appointment
Dr Elaine Au Liu Suk-ching, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Social Studies, has been reappointed to the Commission on Youth, a non-statutory advisory body that advises the Government on matters relating to youth. Dr Au's term of appointment will last until 31 March 2008.

Gallery exhibition
The CityU Gallery will be exhibiting a collection of ceramics created by the well-known local potter and sculptor Ms Mak Yee-fun from 11 May to 10 June. The exhibition is being organized by the CityU Gallery Management Committee.

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