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No. 49 3 October 2005


University Development Forum
A University Development Forum, entitled "Applied Research: The Way Forward", will be held from 10am to 11am on 5 October at the Wei Hing Theatre. The aim of the session, to be hosted by Professor Roderick Wong, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, is to share with staff and students the role and the development of applied research at the University. Applied research is specified as a major area of focus in the University's Role Statement, assigned by the University Grants Committee in early 2004, and in the University's Strategic Plan for 2003 to 2008.

The main focus of the Forum is how to further enhance applied research activities, including the specific policies and procedures that the University is implementing to support and encourage such work. Following his presentation, Professor Wong will be joined by members of the Working Group on Applied R & D for a Q & A session. All staff and students are invited to attend.


Information Day
The theme for this year's Information Day, to be held on 15 October at the University campus, is "A University for the Professionals". This annual event is an excellent opportunity for prospective students and the general public to learn more about the programmes, opportunities and latest developments at CityU. To familiarize visitors with the University's campus ambiance and facilities, an extensive range of programmes and activities, such as talks, exhibitions, laboratory/campus tours, and video shows, has been organized. The focus will be on Undergraduate and Associate Degree programmes, and the student halls of residence will be open to the public. Details of the schedule will be available on the University homepage in due course. All are welcome to attend.

Shenzhen Outpost Groundbreaking Ceremony
On 13 October, Professor David Tong, Deputy President, Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Administration), Professor Roderick Wong, Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), and Mr James Ng, Executive Director of CityU Extension, will attend the ground-breaking ceremony of the Shenzhen Outpost. The ceremony will be officiated by Mr Xu Zongheng, Mayor of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government.

The Shezhen Outpost, based in the Shenzhen Virtual University Science Park, is CityU's base for applied research, incubation and teaching activities on the mainland. The Outpost will enable the University to further fulfill its role to expand its applied research activities and promote training on the mainland. CityU signed an agreement with the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government on 6 September to acquire a 6,000 square metre site within the Science Park for establishing the Outpost.


Value for Money project
A series of consultations throughout this week will set in motion the first phase of the University's Value for Money (VFM) project. Ms Deborah Lampard and Mr Peter Wade, consultants with PhillipsKPA, the independent education consultancy group based in Melbourne, will be meeting with several heads of academic and administrative departments, as well as with the VFM Steering Committee. The aim of the VFM project is to assess the process of planning and allocating resources within the University, an integral part of the University's strategy to help departments achieve better VFM and ensure money is well spent.


Risk Management
A team from the University of Melbourne will hold seminars and workshops at CityU between 26 and 28 October to share their experience of risk management in tertiary education with CityU's Management Board (MB) members and other senior management people. The University has appointed Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President (Administration) to chair the newly-formed Risk Management Committee. The Committee's main job is to enhance awareness and introduce the mind-set of risk management.


Naming conventions for working units
The University recognizes that departments and offices may subdivide their organization structure into smaller components for administrative efficiency and external communications. To clarify conventions used for naming working units within the University, the MB agreed on the following set of guiding principles at its meeting on 13 September:

  • Campus X e.g. Main Campus and Telford Campus, to be used only by the University;

  • Faculty/School/College/Department/Division X for academic/teaching units subject to the approval of Senate;

  • Office/Service X for administrative and service units approved by the President;

  • Centre X mostly for research units and occasionally for teaching or administrative units, subject to the approval of the respective authorities;

  • Terms commonly used in higher education institutions and with institutional implications, e.g. Institute and Library, etc, to be used only by the University;

  • Subdivisions within departments and offices may be designated 'Units', 'Teams', 'Groups', 'Sections', or 'Projects'. Other terminologies will require prior approval from the President.


e.Energy, a CityU Enterprises company, founded by Chair Professor Ron Hui, Department of Electronic Engineering, has recently won the prestigious "Best New Product 2005" award granted by the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association for an energy-saving environmentally-friendly dimming method for non-dimmable lighting systems.


The opening ceremony of "The Work of Goddess X Tianhou Shengji Tu by Yu Ping and Ren Ping" organized by the Chinese Civilisation Centre will be held at 5:30pm on 7 October at the CityU Gallery. The exhibition will run from 8 October to 6 November.


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