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No. 40 17 May 2005


University Development Forum
Professor H K Chang
, President, and members of the senior management will host a University Development Forum, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm, 24 May, at the Wei Hing Theatre, to share with all staff and students the University's latest developments, in areas such as funding, internationalization and activities on the mainland. The Forum will also be an opportunity for the management to listen to views from the University community. All members of the University are invited to join.


Mainland student recruitment exercise
The External Liaison and Cooperation Office (ELCO) has begun a series of promotional activities on the mainland to prepare for student recruitment under the Unified National College Entrance Examination, which will commence on 7 June. The promotions, which began in mid-April, have taken place in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Zhengzhou. Promotions will also be held in Nanjing and Hangzhou later this month. In view of the enthusiastic response, the University will consider increasing the student recruitment quota for certain cities.

Having joined the Unified National College Entrance Examination System in February, CityU is now able to recruit mainland high-school graduates in 17 provinces and cities, following the same procedures used by the mainland's foremost higher-education institutions. The exercise will first of all help the University build its image on the mainland and also attract quality high-school graduates.

Teachers Update Course
The annual Teachers Update Course (TUC), coordinated by the Office of Dean of Undergraduate Education, for secondary school teachers and principals will take place from 1 June to early July this year.

Organized on the theme "Developing Reflective Professionals", TUC 2005 will comprise 30 sessions in five areas, namely, Supporting Change, Preparing Students for Lifelong Learning, Promoting Innovations in Learning and Teaching, Updating Subject Knowledge and Enriching School Culture.

Participants will gain a wide range of stimulating learning experiences from CityU academic and professional staff. Their attendance can be counted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Hours for secondary school teachers and principals as stipulated by the Education and Manpower Bureau.

TUC provides updates on subject knowledge and pedagogical issues to secondary school teachers and principals in response to the rapid changes in local education system and enhance their quality of education and teaching.

Two days after registration opened on 10 May, almost half of the 2,000 TUC places have been filled up.


Emerging Technologies Forum
Mr Lawrence Kwan
, Chief Telecommunications Engineer, Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA), will give an overview of the telecommunications sector in Hong Kong at an Emerging Technologies Forum organized by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO), 5-6:30 pm, on 27 May, at the Multi-media Conference Room. The Emerging Technologies Forum Series serves as a platform to cultivate links between CityU and the business and industrial communities. Participants can meet with the esteemed members of the CityU Business & Industrial Club (CUBIC) managed by TTO, and other guests, to explore opportunities for mutual collaboration.

Senior staff appointment
Dr Jonathan Webster, Head, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, has been appointed as Acting Director of the Halliday Centre for Intelligent Applications of Language Studies.


SCM student won video competitions
Miss Chong Man-ka
, Jacqui, a second year student of the Associate of Arts in Media Technology, clinched the Championship of the Women's Pixel Short Film Award with the project titled "Žy". The Award, organized by the Association for the Advancement of Feminism, aims to promote the creative exploration on the themes of body and sexuality by women through the digital media. Jacqui also received a bronze prize in the Mobile Video Competition organized by the Hong Kong Arts Centre with her project titled "Flash Faces".


Dr Kim Chansog, Associate Professor, Department of Accountancy, won the Graham and Dodd Readers' Choice Award from the Financial Analysts Journal (FAJ) for the paper "Divergent Opinions and the Performance of Value Stocks", co-authored with John A Doukas of the Old Dominion University and Christos Pantzalis of the University of South Florida. The FAJ Graham and Dodd Awards were established in 1960 to recognize excellence in financial writing.

Dr Charlie Xue, Lecturer, Division of Building Science and Technology, has been awarded a research grant by the Sumitomo Foundation of Japan for his research proposal "The impact of Japanese architecture in China: A study of 1980-2005". The winning proposal was one of the 57 awarded proposals among the 300 applications submitted in Asia.

External appointments
Mr Mohan Narasipuram, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, and Mr C Raj Kumar, Lecturer, School of Law, have been appointed as members of the HKSAR's Public Affairs Forum representing the tertiary education professional group for one year with effect from March and May 2005, respectively. The Forum aims to canvass views of business, professional and middle-class people on political affairs and public issues in Hong Kong.


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