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No. 39 3 May 2005


TEA winners
The Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) has announced the Teaching Excellence Award winners for 2004-05 to pay tribute to distinguished teachers and emphasize the University's commitment to professional education. This year, five dedicated teachers from various disciplines receive the honour. They are: Ms Cheung Ho-ming, Instructor, Department of English and Communication; Dr Robert Davison, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems; Mr Angel Garralda, Instructor, Department of English and Communication; Mr John Lai, Instructor, Department of Management; and Dr Lawrence Wu, Associate Professor, Department of Physics and Materials Science. The winners are conferred the TEA for their outstanding performance in areas such as reflective pedagogy, student-focused teaching approach and competence in bringing students real-life experience in the industry. They will receive the honour at this year's Congregation and their names will be engraved on the TEA Plaque at the entrance of Academic Building, bringing the total number of TEA recipients to 64.

The President has appointed Professor Joseph Cheng, Chair Professor of Political Science, as Chairman of the QAC, effective from mid April 2005 to 31 August 2007. Professor Cheng succeeds the Chairmanship of Professor Richard Ho, who together with Professor Lilian Vrijmoed, are now ex-officio members of the Committee as Dean of Undergraduate Education and Dean of Student Learning, respectively.


Consultation on revised Mission Statement
The Strategic Development Committee of the Council has drafted a revised Mission Statement to reflect more closely the University's positioning "along the axes of professional education and applied research", as in the University's Strategic Plan 2003-08 and the Role Statement received in January 2004. Staff and students are invited to send comments to the Committee by 23 May. The revised Mission Statement, along with the results of staff consultation, will be presented to the Council for approval at its June meeting.


e-Learning forum
Full-scale deployment of IT to support student learning is a top priority for the University over the next five years. To communicate with members of the University community on the strategic significance of the e-learning project¡Xa key project identified in the newly unveiled Information Services Strategic Plan, Dr Jerry Yu, Chief Information Officer, will speak at an open forum "e-Learning¡Xa New Strategic Development for CityU", 2:00-3:20pm, 5 May in Lecture Theatre 4.


Senior appointment
Professor Liew Kim-meow was appointed Professor (Chair) of Building and Construction. Professor Liew assumed duty on 21 April 2005.

Professor Chen Guanrong, Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering, has been selected to receive the 2005 Guillemin-Cauer IEEE Transaction Paper Award from the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society for his paper entitled "Pinning a Complex Dynamical Network to its Equilibrium" (co-authored with his research fellows Dr Li Xiang and Dr Wang Xiaofan). This is the second Best IEEE Transaction Paper Award Professor Chen has received within five years.


More kudos
"Canned Despair", a short film by Hung Chi-wing, a graduate of the School of Creative Media, was a selected title at the Joint University Programme section of the 29th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). The movie was elected the favourite student work in a public vote campaign by now.com.hk, the sponsor of the HKIFF joint university programme screening.

Chik Sin-yan, a second-year student of East and Southeast Asian Studies, and Leung Wai-lee, a first-year student of Chinese, were awarded the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Limited¡XElite Athlete Scholarship 2004-05.

Hui Yau-tat, a second-year student of Associate of Arts in Digital Visual Design, has been selected as one of the ten recipients of the Hong Kong Young Artists Award 2005, co-organized by the Hong Kong Playground Association and Teen Power, Radio Television Hong Kong.


External appointment
Dr Leung Mei-fun, Priscilla, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of the School of Law, was appointed member of the Government's Public Affairs Forum, for one year starting 1 May 2005. Dr Leung was also appointed member of the Advisory Group on Survey of Sexual Minority of the Government¡¦s Home Affairs Bureau, effective from 16 February 2005.


International Conference
The School of Law will host an "International Conference on Human Rights and Development: Approaches to the Reform of Governance in Asia", 9:30am-6:45 pm, 9-10 May, in the Multi-media Conference Room, Cheng Yick-chi Building.


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