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No. 35 7 March 2005


Guidelines for agreements and memoranda of understanding
The Management Board has passed a set of guidelines and procedures relating to agreements and memoranda of understanding for academic exchange and cooperation with mainland and overseas institutions. These apply to the signing of the following categories of agreements: friendship and good will, staff and/or student exchange, joint teaching programmes and joint research.

Agreements reached at the following three levels shall be signed by respective authorities: institutional (President or Deputy President); faculty/school (Deans); departmental (Heads). Any agreement of academic nature involving a financial amount equal to or greater than HK$500,000 must be signed by the President or Deputy President.

During internal consultation the process, the External Liaison and Cooperation Office (ELCO) shall act as a central coordinating agent between faculty/school/department and the party concerned. If financial implications are involved, views of the Director of Finance shall be sought. If the agreement involves research or postgraduate programmes, views of the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies shall be sought. If the agreement involves collaboration on undergraduate programmes, views of the Vice-President for Undergraduate Education shall be sought. Views of ELCO shall be sought during the process of agreement negotiation when ever issues regarding the signing procedures are raised.


Spring-Time scholarships for SCM students
The Spring-Time Group will donate HK$1 million to the School of Creative Media (SCM) to set up scholarships for outstanding students and to support their participation in meaningful outreach programmes. A portion, $800,000 of the donation, will be designated for the "Spring-Time Scholarship for Mainland Students", for which recipients shall be academically outstanding or talented mainland undergraduates who will be recruited to study in the SCM.

The selection process will be undertaken at the same time as selection of Government sponsored mainland students is arranged by the University. The selected students shall undertake a one-year foundation programme at the recruiting university on the mainland, and then come to CityU to pursue a full-time three-year undergraduate programme. On graduation, they obtain a CityU degree.

Another portion, $200,000 of the donation, will be designated for the "Spring-Time Outreach Scholarship", which will be awarded to full-time SCM students to support their participation in meaningful outreach programmes relevant to their curriculum and career development, e.g., international festivals and conferences. The selection of award recipients will be based on the merit of their proposals for outreach projects.


Social sciences departments win international recognition
CityU's social sciences departments/programmes have been ranked 61st out of the top 100 in the world by the Times Higher Education Supplement. The University is among only four universities in Hong Kong and nine in the Greater China region included on the list. This recognition once again reflects the top quality of CityU's teaching and research. Citations of staff research publications are one of the criteria for selection.


"Idiom Zoo" chosen as a healthy website winner
"Idiom Zoo" (http://resources.emb.gov.hk/idiom2), a website mainly developed by a CityU affiliated company, LangComp Company Ltd, was elected as a winner of the Ten Healthy Websites Contest 2004 on 20 February. The Contest was jointly organized by Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority and the Salvation Army to motivate Internet content providers to create healthy websites for young people. The "Ten Healthy Websites" were selected from 50 nominees and 40,000 people voted.

The winning website, "Idiom Zoo", is a Chinese idiom-learning website hosted by the Education and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR. The website aims at helping students understand 90 animal-related Chinese idioms with interesting animation, interactive multimedia and edutainment games.


Professor Philippe G Ciarlet, Professor (Chair) of Mathematics, has been awarded the prestigious title of Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Bucharest, Romania, in recognition of his outstanding research and academic achievements. Numerical analysis, computational mechanics and mathematical modeling are among his research interests. Renowned Nobel prize-winners such as Professor Samuel C C Ting and Mr Shimon Peres are among those who have been honoured with the same title.

Three CityU students have won prizes in the IEEE Hong Kong Section 2004 Student Paper Contest. Mr Li Pei, a PhD student in the Department of Electronic Engineering, won the postgraduate section championship with his project "Design of Dual Wideband Patch Antenna and Antenna Array"; Mr Zeng Jia, a PhD student in the School of Creative Media, won second prize with his "Type-2 Fuzzy Hidden Markov Models to Phoneme Recognition"; Mr Usman Nazir from the Department of Computer Science won third prize in the undergraduate section with his project "Fingerprint Minutiae Matching Algorithm Sorted Regional Information Gradient Approach".

Ms Tung Cheuk-fan, an MPhil student in the Department of Building and Construction (BC), won the Best Project Award 2003-04 from the Occupational Safety and Health Council, with her project "Safety Professionals' Perceptions to Risk Assessment of Hong Kong Construction Industry". Ms Tung was nominated by her supervisor Dr Ivan Fung, BC Lecturer.

CityU badminton and table-tennis tournaments 2005
The deadline for applications to participate in the Badminton and Table-Tennis Tournaments 2005, jointly organised by the Human Resources Office and Student Developments Services, is 11 March. The tournaments will be held from 9 to 16 April.


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